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July 13, 2007

BAB's Hello!

There is this area south of town that is like any generic, unplanned sprawling suburb. There are every chain restaurant, every big box store and almost every chain store you could possibly want. In this jungle of strip malls is this little lovely chef owned restaurant called Basil Asian Bistro.
coconut chicken soup

We have gone there a few times now, and the food is really good. The owner is Laotian, but she does not have Laotian food on the menu because she said customers would dislike it and never come back. She wants customers to come back again and again. She has taken elements from Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese foods and made an Asian fusion menu. Tastes are familiar, but not from one particular region or country.

our noodles and rice dishes

We had a dinner gathering of a dozen people last night at Basil Asian Bistro. Most of the people in attendance live in the downtown Nashville area, and do not traverse Cool Springs that often. All the downtowners had a hard time finding Basil because it is in one of the 100s of generic strip mall buildings in this area. Everyone finally made it. I will tell you, the downtowners were a bit skeptical that this place would be good, as it is in Cool Springs. They were expecting generic food in a generic box building, but agreed to come dine with everyone to share and chat. But, once they got into the restaurant, their skepticism melted away, and were pleasantly surprised at the sophisticated decor, the service, and food. Everyone seemed to think that they would enjoy dining at Basil again. My hope is that the owner decides to move Basil up to Nashville, and it can be local to me instead of a 15 miles drive to the 'burbs. I will be keeping an eye out for the perfect spot for Basil, that is for sure.

If you can find this place amongst the sprawl, it is worth going to. To find this place, it is near the Walgreens, CVS and Domino's pizza place. At this time the land across the way was just leveled for yet another strip mall.

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At 7/14/07, 3:46 AM, Blogger Katie Zeller said...

Sounds like an interesting restaurant... the food certainly looks well-presented.
Haven't a clue what Laotian food would be... dog?

At 7/14/07, 9:05 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

LOL, the owner said something like the only people who eat Laotian food are the Laotians. Safely to say, no dog here!

At 8/28/07, 9:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I eat at Basil all the time. Get the green curry chicken, it's unbelievable. ALL the soups are the best I've ever had...all different.

At 8/29/07, 2:41 PM, Blogger michael, claudia and sierra said...

ok - now we're talking. basil's is THE place. i love the food. it is fresh and all around excellent. i agree!!! but sadly i can't find any other place to eat in this town... i swear....

At 9/7/07, 1:01 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Hello Anon! Lucky you for being able to eat at BAB's all the time. I have to agree, I love all the different soups I have had at BAB's too!

Claudia, It really is the THE Place! I wonder if Cool Springs knows what kind of gem they have in BAB's? There really isn't a place that does Asian fusion this well.


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