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August 6, 2009

I can't believe it is butter!

When we at at F. Scotts, our waitress said that the butter they serve is made in-house. I asked how Chef Uhlhorn makes it, and she said it was super easy. They just put cream in the food processor, and it makes itself. Then she continued on to say that industrial butter has added MSG to it. Because the added synthesized industrial MSG is a relatively small amount to the butter it is in, the MSG does not have to be put on the label. I was grossed out, so I set out to learn how to make my own butter from cream from a local organic free range, grass eating cows.

my finished product - naturally yellow butter

When cows are free range, eat lots of green grass, their fat is yellow and dense, not white and fluffy. White fat is from corn, grain and cow chow fed cows in feed lots. So a lot of industrial butters are light in color because those cows don't ever see grass. My butter, however, is very yellow because my original cream source is from free range, grass fed, antibiotic free, yellow fat cows.

65F heavy cream with temperature gauge in it

So here is how I made the butter in 5 minutes. 1st, start with 65F heavy cream. I put my thermometer in it, and wait until it turned 65F. 2nd, I pour the cream into my food processor with the blade insert.

less than 2 minutes in the food processor using the chopping blade

3rd, I turned on the food processor. I watched as dense whipped cream was made. Then I watch as the butter fat separated from the buttermilk, and then I hit stop. That took about 2 minutes. 4th, I poured off the buttermilk, which looked and tasted like skim milk. 5th, I transferred, the butter solids into a big bowl, and washed the butter with ice water. That is, I poured about a cup of ice water into the big bowl of butter, and then I mashed the water and butter together and poured of the cloudy water, and then repeated until the water ran clean. I used a heavy wooden spoon to mash the butter with the water because a flexible spatula was not strong enough to cut through the butter. 6th, when the water rinse runs clear, and all the water is mashed out of the butter, I sprinkled some Kosher salt on the butter and mashed it in.

boiling corn to use the butter

7th, I found things that would need butter to eat them. I boiled up corn I got from the Nashville Farmers Market, sent the man out to buy some bread and fish. I sauteed the fish in butter at the bottom of the pan, and used the butter on the bread and the corn.

dinner - bread and corn - the carriers for the butter

I did a taste test of my homemade butter made from local organic, free range grass fed cows cream, and some Costco butter my friend had. Oh, my butter was so flavorful, and the Costco butter was oily, waxy, lighter in color, and not as flavorful.

To make your own butter, follow the directions of the following video like I did. It takes only 5 minutes. Mmm mmm mmm real butter tastes so good!

The video from where I learned to make butter


At 8/6/09, 8:52 PM, Blogger CMW said...

Lannae - you rock!! Am going to make my herb butter with your homemade technique...I always used Mennonite butter to make my herb/compound butters because the flavor was so good (because it was homemade) Sometimes I'm a bit slow, I could have been making my own all along and hadn't looked into it..thank you!!!!!

At 8/6/09, 9:49 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Collyn, write back to me when you make your butter! What herbs are you going to use? It is so darn easy to make butter! I got a quart of cream, used 3 cups in the butter, and 1 cup cream for the rest of the week for berries and coffee. I have a smallish food processor, and it could handle a quart of cream to make butter. The ratio is 1 pint cream = 7 oz butter.

I know, it was "WOW, I cam make butter?!" when I heard it a couple weeks ago.


At 8/7/09, 12:09 AM, Blogger Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Yes, it is very easy to make butter... That corn looks delicious!



At 8/7/09, 9:32 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Hi Rosa, it may surprise you, but most people in the USA have no idea how to make butter, nor give much thought to where their food comes from. Me included, but now I know. It is delicious!

At 8/8/09, 10:59 AM, Blogger Brigitte said...

You'r right the cherries rhum is wonderfull ;)
for combava see my post, it is a kind of green lemon, we only use the "zeste" and leaves

It's very tasty this fresh butter, in my frenche region (Provence) I can find easily at farmer market

At 8/9/09, 8:23 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

Brigitte, oh, what a wonderful looking fruit combava is! We don't have fruit like that in the USA, but perhaps lime or lemon zest might work. Oh yes, in the parts of France I have been in, the butter tastes so good. In the USA, we have lost our way with food and butter because of the industrialized food complex. We need more respect for food.

At 8/11/09, 12:46 PM, Blogger CMW said...'s the simple addition of basil to the mix. It was wonderful...thanks again for the inspiration!

At 2/2/10, 4:12 PM, Anonymous Comfy Tummy said...

Thank you so much for this great blog post. I can't wait to make my own butter now. I just realized today that they're putting "Natural Flavoring" in the vast majority of the butter sold in supermarkets. As someone who is highly sensitive to MSG, I try to avoid it whenever possible. I never thought of making butter in a food processor before.


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