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October 3, 2011

Nashville Food Bloggers Potluck

I am one of the Nashville Food Bloggers and I belong to the Nashville Food Bloggers group. It has been really nice meeting new foodie friends who like to blog about food like I do. When the Nashville Food Bloggers get together, the food is just amazing! There is no bulk S@m's or C@stc@ pre-made industrial food, it is all really well considered homemade dishes. Last week, Vivek hosted a Nashville Food Blogger potluck. It was delicious. Some of the dishes that I just was wowed about was a grilled shrimp and chicken dish with homemade marinade, homemade paneer in an Indian red curry, perfectly cute mini-macaroons, and homemade jalebi. There were other wowing dishes I was unable to photograph. Let me tell you, I ate like it was Thanksgiving. The recipes were wonderful. Vivek, when is the next Food Blogger party?

Vivek bring in Lisa's grilled shrimp and chicken

Melissa's bacon and chive toasted wrap

Vivek's charcuterie plate

My spicy gluten free (almost vegan except for local honey) peanut sauce & noodles

Cheese vegetarian lasagna

Grishma's jalebi

Tabitha's macaroons with lychee creme


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