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November 29, 2011

Local is Where I Go

Goodbye Sandusky Bay Farmer's Market 2011, see you again in May or June 2012.

Port Clinton peaches

It was an exceptional year for peaches in North Ohio this year. Peaches were plentiful, sweet and flavorful. Last year, there was a freeze (and I think flood) after the bloom, and killed any chance of local peaches. This year, every chance I got, I went to the Sandusky Bay Farmer's market and bought farm fresh peaches. One of the days, everyone in my group were standing around eating these peaches for a snack. Seriously, everyone was saying, "yum" or ,"Ohio peaches are just the best this year!" with big smiles on their faces. It was a perfect moment of contentment as we ate our snack before moving on with our day. These peaches, so fleeting, are now all eaten, and only a memory in my mind, and a wish for another perfect peach growing season next year.

Perkins blackberries

This was a great fruit growing season in N. Ohio this year. The blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries have been outstanding. These are the last of the blackberries for me for the season. I hoarded these, and did not share the pint of blackberries with the crew. These sweet and juicy blackberries were my secret little snack in the evenings.

Local corn

I think this corn was from the Milan area of Ohio. It was picked that morning of my purchase. I got a 1/2 dozen. I bring Ziploc brand Zip and Steam bags with me when I travel, just in the case I can steam up some local veggies, like this corn. 3 minutes on high in the Zip and Steam bags, and I had a really nice focal point to my daily diet.

Local corn

It has been such a wonderful growing season this year in N. Ohio, and I ate really well while in N. Ohio because of the offerings from local farmers at the Sandusky Bay Farmer's Market. I look forward to next year's market and what I yummy local organic foods I can taste!


At 11/29/11, 7:44 AM, Anonymous Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Everything looks so wonderful. Boy those blackberries look awesome.I agree I really miss the fresh fruits and veggies as we start into the Winter months and look so forward to the Spring crops. I looked out just a little while ago and saw that it was snowing! I am just not ready for that yet!!


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