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October 14, 2012

Gus's Nashville

471 Old Hickory Blvd
next to Kroger (Nipper's Corner)

Thanks Ulika for the tip-off that Gus's is finally open!  We went for dinner right away after seeing Ulika's blog post.

Gus's Nashville is finally in soft opening this weekend.  A few people from the Memphis shop are in town helping the Nashville shop get up and running.  Gus's chicken is a thin crust with slightly spicy flavor fried chicken.  It is not a Nashville "hot chicken", Gus's is fried chicken.  Right now, the dining room is clean.  They serve beer by the bottle (including 40 Bud Light), and fountain drinks.  There is the dining room for sit down service, and there is the take-out line at one corner of the restaurant to keep the dining room clear of the take-out crowd.  The Man and his bro' really really like this chicken.  It is obvious the chicken was never frozen, so the meat is clear, tender and moist.  Like any restaurant in the first few days, there are going to be some service glitches.  So be patient.

So, one of the Memphis folks talked to some of the dinner guests tonight telling people to expect about an hour wait before being served.  They cook everything to order.  They also execute orders as they are received.  If there are 10 tables ahead of you, they will get food before you.  My word of advice is that when you are just getting a hint of hunger, drive down to Gus's and order and expect an hour wait.  When an hour has elapsed, you will be the perfect hungry to eat the fried chicken.

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At 10/19/12, 9:56 PM, Anonymous Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

The chicken looks really good and crispy. I will be in Brentwood this coming week so that might be a good time to check it out. Thanks.


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