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October 1, 2012

Nashville TV Show

I gotta tell you, I am really excited for the new Nashville TV Show, premiering on ABC on 10/10 at 10 pm Eastern (9 Central)!  The insiders say that this drama is smart with real characters, not some hooky southern caricatures with bad fake accents.  The story line is fiction, but could totally be real.  Got word there will be many songs of never previously recorded music by Gillian Welch, Elvis Costello, Lucinda Williams and more great!  And lastly, the TV show is being filmed on location, right here in Nashville. If you see it on the Nashville TV Show, it is the real deal Nashville.

I really like this promo piece, and it is getting me excited for Nashville TV show to start.  Filming here has already been a good thing for my home town, and I think the story line and scenery will also be a good thing for Nashville too.

OK, I am planning for this evening.  I am gonna get my best organic popcorn ready to popped in grape seed oil infused with local biodynamic organic Barefoot Farmer garlic, and rosemary from my garden.  And then I will pour myself a nice little drink maybe with some local Jack Daniels and ginger lemonade.   And then I am gonna sit down and watch this new TV show, Nashville.


At 10/2/12, 4:00 PM, Anonymous Lesley Eats said...

I'll be watching, too!!!

At 10/8/12, 10:35 PM, Anonymous Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

I hope that this show is really good and shows Nashville in a good light!

At 10/9/12, 9:31 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

This show does show Nashville in a really good light! I am hooked! I watched the ABC 1st episode on the internet, and it is so good!


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