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November 10, 2012

Ginger is good for Digestion

Lard Nar Mee Krob

Ginger Thai is in a year old strip mall off of Thompson Lane, near Nolensville Road and Foster Road.  It is set back from Thompson Lane, so you cannot see the sign or the strip mall if you are driving east on Thompson Lane come from Woodmont Blvd, or 100 Oaks area.  You just need a good GPS to get you there.  I think Ginger Thai has just about caught on.   There is a dinner club that eats at Ginger Thai every other week mid-week at about 8:30 pm.  My guess is that they are either a movie and dinner club, or they are taking a night class near by and they dine as a group every other week. I have seen all types of people dining at Ginger Thai from the young hipster types, young families with babies, to middle aged soccer parents similar to me, and multi-generational families enjoying grandparents over a meal.  Ginger Thai is open  until 10 pm, so it is possible to get off work late and get a nice hot meal at a decent price a Ginger Thai.

Instagram Lard Nar Mee Krob

I have blogged about Ginger Thai before, right after they opened, and we chose poorly.  I believe we have found our few dishes we like, and I am ready to blog about Ginger Thai again.  Don't bother with the curries, and fried rice dishes, they are average at best, and the fried rice dishes are just a mushy mess on a plate.  Seriously, don't get the fried rice dishes, those make me unhappy, but there are other dishes that are authentic and remind me of my childhood.  The dishes to get are the pork pho - rice noodle soup, or the lard nar mee krob.

I get the small bowl of pork with rice noodle soup because the small bowl is is huge, the size of 3 - 4 cereal bowls.  The pork in the soup is pork belly, char siu (red pork) and lean sliced pork.  The toppings that come with it are basil, sprouts and lime.  It is really good for me.  I much rather buy the soup here than have to try and make the stock and gather the dozens and dozens of ingredients to make it.   And there is time investment to make the soup, forget about it.  It is worth getting the soup here.

The other dish we happily discovered is the lard nar mee krob which is a thin noodle fried up crispy and topped with stir fried veggies and either meat or tofu, and then mixed with a soy sauce based gravy.  There is a dish like this that I remember having as a kid, the crispy thin noodles topped with light soy sauce gravy and stir fried veggies.  I adored this dish as a kid, and I still do.  I akin this noodle and soy sauce gravy dish of my childhood to the beloved American noodles with butter dish that kids love here.  Just like buttered noodles, the thin noodles with gravy is so homey, so comfort food, and saying "Mom loves you."

Eh, it is about lunch time as I type this blog post... guess where I am going to lunch!  I will be there in about an hour.  If you want to have lunch with me, I  will be there having either the pork rice noodle soup or the lard nar mee krob.  Come join in!


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