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October 20, 2013

Mason's at the Loews


Onion and Corn Bisque

Brandon Frohne is one of the best new chefs to come on the scene in Nashville, and you can taste his food at Mason's Restaurant and Bar located inside the Loews Vanderbilt Hotel.  Loews is considered one of the "swankiest" hotels in Nashville.  Swank it may be, but don't let that stop you from coming into the hotel's Mason's Restaurant and Bar.  Mason's is quite accessible, has some nice food with a nod to its Southern roots, and always has a good deals to be had.   Check out the link above and click on "events" and see what is on special for the week.  In the past few weeks, Wednesday nights was $5 burgers and fries with a $3 draft beer.  There are some good draft beer including Yazoo.  Yes, a lovely full meal for $8.  This week it is Happy Hour everyday from 4 -6 pm with $3 drafts and1/2 off all bar menu items.  You read that correctly 1/2 off ALL of the bar menu items.  What a good deal.

Also, there is no worries about parking, the restaurant and bar validates, so come on down to Loews Mason's Restaurant and Bar, park for free, park your Leaf at the charging station, or park your regular car in a normal spot.  Better yet, take the bus #3 and get off at the bus stop close by on West End Ave.

Burger Special
Since late summer, when I am not on biz travel, I have been on a rather tight budget because my work decided to cut back and dock pay, and is continuing to do so.  There are no extras for me this year, no vacation this year, no movies, no concerts, nothing that has an excess cost to it.  I have volunteered for a local biodynamic farmer in trade for all the fruit and veggies I can carry.  I have taken to food preservation (see my previous pickling blog posts) so my volunteering will pay off for months to come. And going out to eat has slowed, and we only go out if we can get a good deal.  I have been taking advantage of discount gift cards, web-based coupons, and special offers made by each restaurant.  I have "Liked" many of my favorite restaurants on Facebook, and go visit their websites from time to time to see what deals I can find.

A couple weeks ago, Mason's Restaurant and Bar is an answer to having an really nice "champagne" dining experience on a "beer" budget.  I got the hamburger special for $5 (originally $14+ addons) and a seltzer for $3.  The burger was the weekly special of a burger, peanut cabbages slaw, farm egg, and smoked pork bbq accompanied by a generous portion of hand-cut fries.  This came with personal sized mayo and ketchup jars.  The Man got a simply cheese burger (originally $14)  and a $3 Yazoo draft.  My burger was great.  I just like the richness of the egg yolk when it oozes out into pork and slaw making the ingredients become a whole new thing.  The slaw had a nice contrasting crunch from the crispy cabbage and peanuts to the softness of the egg and bun.  The Man enjoyed his burger too, it was exactly how he wanted it, plain and simple cheese and a burger on a bun.  No fuss, no muss, and he was happy!  So, our bill on this evening came out to $16 plus tax and tip for food and beverage for two people.  Free parking, a lot off food and beverage, and surroundings of where the stars stay for one low price of $8 per person is a good deal to me.


At 10/22/13, 6:53 PM, Anonymous Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Wow that is an awesome deal! We stayed there once on our anniversary and it was wonderful. I don't know if it is still there or not but we had dinner at Cancelers. The food was really great but my favorite was the Sunday brunch. There was so much amazing food that it was hard to choose what to get. Mason's sure sounds like a place we will want to try. We don't eat hardly any meat but my husband really likes a good hamburger every so often. Sorry to hear about your work cut backs. That is no fun and I hope that it gets better soon. Sounds like your volunteering has really paid off!!

At 10/22/13, 10:17 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Alicia! You got to say here! I bet it was nice! Yes, keep checking the Mason's website for the deals. They are listed in the EVENTS box! AND they validate parking, so it is free. Last time we were there, had we not validated, it would have been $27 to park in the garage, and with validation, it is $0! Good deal!

At 11/14/13, 1:59 PM, Anonymous Christina said...


Thanks so much for your kind words about Mason's! We are thrilled you enjoyed your experience and we definitely encourage you to continue checking the website or our Facebook and Twitter pages for great deals. We're now offering a $10 lunch special Monday-Friday with new, unique specials every day.

Feel free to call and make a reservation any time at 615-321-1990 (as an FYI, the number you have listed is not the restaurant number - we wouldn't want you to connect with the wrong person!)

Hope to see you back soon!


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