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November 23, 2013

Torrey Pines

Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve
When I made arrangements to go to San Diego to see my old buddy (who I have known since kindergarten and is my longest continuous friend) for a few days this summer, I was going to stay at a hotel in south San Diego, but that changed a few days before my arrival.  I got a call from the hotel telling me they cancelled my reservation.  Yes, like the Seinfeld car reservation episode, the hotel took my reservation, but did not hold my reservation. But to the hotel's credit, they made good, and set me up at the Lodge at Torrey Pines Golf Course for the same price as I would have paid for my original reservation.   Torrey Pines is in North San Diego, north of La Jolla and south of Del Mar.  Torrey Pines State Park is adjacent to The Lodge at Torrey Pines, is beautiful and a great place to walk ever afternoon to catch views of the Great Pacific Ocean.  Torrey Pines Golf Course is rated one of the best golf courses in the world with breath-taking views of the Pacific Ocean.  To my surprise, Torrey Pines Golf Course is a public golf course owned by the City of San Diego.  Torrey Pines Golf Course public ownership status is a surprise to me, as the grounds and greens are kept so beautifully well.  Because Torrey Pines is a public course, anyone can play there with a tee time.  All you golfers out there, get  yourself a tee time, and hit 'em straight!

a view of Torrey Pines Golf Course

On this particular trip, I landed in San Diego around 1 pm, and it was getting to be time for lunch.  I was fairly tired from the flight, so grabbed a shuttle and got the Lodge at Torrey Pines for lunch.  The Lodge is very nice with great service, a nice patio with golf course and ocean views, and restaurants with just as spectacular views.  I stopped into the Lodge at Torrey Pines restaurant for lunch fairly late, about 2 pm, and there were not too many people there.  I got to sit where ever I wanted.  Because it was 75F, sunny and slightly breezy, I opted to sit on the patio.  

Signature burger
Asking the waitress what I should get, she suggested I get the signature dish, the burger made with Niman's Ranch ground beef and a side of fries.  So, there I sat on the patio overlooking the pool, golf course and Pacific Ocean.  My burger arrived, and it was a huge burger with cheddar cheese, pickles, onions, lettuce and tomatoes on a sesame seed bun, and served with extra ketchup, mayo and mustard if I wanted it.  It was a good burger, too big, and I could only eat half of it.  I forgot what it was like to have perfect weather and dining outside.  I really enjoyed it this time, it was a real treat.

I was born and raised in S. CA and we ate outside all the time, including school lunches.  In S. CA, my schools did not have cafeterias, there were only food lines, and all the lunch tables were picnic tables outside.  With weather as fabulous as it is in S. CA, of course you would sit outside to dine.  During these few days in San Diego, most every restaurant I ate at has outdoor seating, and mainly outdoor seating to capitalize on the great weather and views of the Pacific Ocean.  I live landlocked now, a state surrounded by 7 other states, and the Cumberland River is a bit industrial and many days it does not smell good.  More times than not, it is not charming to smell the Cumberland River while trying to have a meal.  Also, Nashville can get a bit oppressively hot and humid over the summer, and there is also quite a bit of rain that falls here too, so there is not the same charm while eating outside here as there is in S. CA.  


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