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October 12, 2014


Taqueria Sofi
5915 Morrow Rd
Nashville, TN 37209

Sofi is an adorable toddler with an equally cute older brother, with parents and grandparents who decided to open a family owned taco shop up in the Nations.  Sofi just opened last week, and is a grassroots family taqueria.

What this taqueria has to offer is 1. The best of what you can get at a taco truck, but with dine-in ability at a few tables and chairs, 2. Mexican cokes and soda make with sugar (not corn syrup) to go with your meal, 3. Home made sauces (as seen above) which are fun to mix and match on various tacos, 4. A menu with tacos, flautas, burritos, and enchiladas, 5. reasonable prices that will not break the bank, 6.  Earnest women who in the open kitchen who want to make a nice meal for you, and 7.  It is within walking or 1-2 minute drive from most homes in the Nations, so it is so dang convenient.

Because Taqueria Sofi just opened, they do not have a menu board, or paper menus.  The gig is, you go to the register, and one of Sofi's relatives will be there to tell you want they have to serve for the day.  On the days I went to Sofi's, they have spicy pork, beef, tongue, tripe, lamb, and chicken to make tacos.  The times I have been there, they had chicken flautas and vegetarian enchiladas.   I really liked the chicken flautas with the crispy shell on the outside and shredded chicken on the inside.  The plate came with four chicken flautas, rice,  and salad.  The flautas were the perfect crispy taco roll with the homemade sauces.  I also got the enchiladas, and on this day , they were vegetarian.  The enchiladas had crumbled cheese and sauteed red peppers in side a rolled corn tortilla.  The outside of the rolled tortilla had a thin coating of red mole.  The mole was sweet, earthy and savory at the same time.  The enchiladas were light, and not weighed down with excessive amounts of mole or cheese.  The tacos are made with the type of meat you want, and the lovely ladies toss the tortillas on the griddle to crisp up the tortilla, which adds a nice texture to the taco.

I want to close this blog post by writing about the sauces on the come on the side.  When I visited, there was salsa verde, salsa rojo, and crema rojo.  I normallly do not use the side sauces because they are usually made with too much chili heat, that I can't taste my food anymore.  These sauces were made at a Scoville level that I can tolerate, and a level which I consider a flavor, not just capsaicin.  I really like the salsa verde with a bit of jalapeno heat, and a nice garlic and green tomatillo flavor.  The salsa rojo was much more pungent in chile pepper heat.  It was almost like the verde was the salt component, and the rojo was the pepper component of for the table.  Lastly, the crema rojo tasted like crema and salsa rojo together, so there was a cooling effect from the crema, and mile punch from the chile peppers.

The next time you are in the Nations, gather up your spare change, and stop on in for a tasty taco.


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