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May 11, 2007

Eat Locally - Part 11 Day 6 next to the last day

Day 6 is coming to close, and I did not stray off my Eat Locally Challenge until Dinner.

What did I eat?
Breakfast: coffee, milk, rice and 2 slices of bacon
Snack: not hungry, did not need one
Lunch: herb chicken and rice soup with a diced hard boiled egg in it
Snack: bitter greens
Snack: thawed frozen blueberries with milk on top
Dinner: oh well....

It is Friday, I have cooked and eaten every lunch within the Eat Local plan, every snack I have had has been grown locally, and my beverages were from local sources. It is possible to eat locally, and get all the nutrients you need for a healthy life. People have been eating locally for a long time. People, through the ages, have also sought new flavors in beverages and spices. People have also gone to war over new spices and the spice trade. Can you imagine how happy the Dutch were when they went searching for the new world, and found islands with exotic flavors, and flavors to mask the terrible taste of rotting food, or spice it up to something a bit more interesting than thyme? I mean, years and years, decades and decades of the same old thing would make cumin, and spicy red peppers a welcome for the bored tastebuds.

There is nothing wrong with traditional European herb flavors of thyme, parsley, sage and oregano, but for 6 days, breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner, it got a bit tiring. I could not imagine the same flavors for years, or my whole life. SO, it is Friday, I have had a long work week, and I did all the cooking and kitchen cleaning this week. I am a bit bored with the flavors. I am feeling like I need a break from my kitchen, a break from cooking, a break from the same old. I just felt like I had to go out for a litte Vietnamese food.

a Vietnamese egg pancake with onions, bean sprouts and shrimp

the lettuce and mint to use as the "taco shell" around the pancake filling

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