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February 18, 2008

What a Knockout

Knockout Wings
1300 Jefferson St
Nashville, TN

the sign

After years of trying to find a really good Buffalo Wing in Nashville, I think I found the place that makes a good wing. It is Knockout Wings. Trey has owned this place for about 9 years, and has made it an institution on Jefferson. We have gone twice so far, and Trey and staff are friendly, busy and efficient. The wings come in 4 flavors, hot, cajun, bbq and country fried. All wings are deep fried, but are well drained, they are not greasy. We tried all of the 4 flavors, and Matt's favorite are the hot wings, and mine are the cajun wings. Matt thinks the hot wings have a lot of spicy heat, but it isn't so hot that there are flames coming out of his mouth. The cajun wings are battered like fried chicken, and they are tossed in a bunch of herbs and spices to make a real flavorful wing. Yum!

hot wings

I work in Ohio fairly often, and there are a couple restaurant/bars that I always go to because they have really excellent wings. The wings are meaty, and these places have various sauces for the wings like bbq, hot, garlic, sweet and sour, parm, etc. the list goes on. Since the wings I get in Ohio are so good, I was willing not to eat any wings until my next business trip north. I had pretty much given up trying to find wings in Nashville because I have tried a lot of places with sub-par wings. My search for good wings has ended at Knockout Wings.

country fried wings

The funny thing about Knockout Wings is that I have heard about this place for a few years now from a co-worker. My co-worker and I talk about food all the time. I think that is mostly what we talk about. We both like some of the same foods, but the one we both really like are wings. My co-worker has been telling me about Knockout Wings for a couple years now, and every time she has a party, or function, she takes Knockout Wings. Fairly recently, another Nashville Food blogger I read, Nashville (hole in the wall) Restaurants ate at and wrote about Knockout Wings. Reading the blog about the wings reminded me about conversations with my co-worker. I have been keeping Knockout Wings in the back of my mind for years, and I never did go there because I didn't think any wing could be as good as the Ohio wings. Well, when the superbowl rolled around, I really wanted to have a munchy day, and I wanted pizza, wings, and chips and dip. I can made the pizza, I got some onion dip and chips, but I don't know how to make Buffalo wings.

bbq wings

A couple days before the superbowl, I went up to Knockout Wing and bought 3 flavors to try and see if these wings would suffice. Wow. They were good. I thought that since I bought 24 wings, we would do just a sampling of the wings, and keep the rest for the superbowl and heat them up before the game started. Well, sheesh, who was I kidding? They were all gone, and we had to go back to Knockout Wings on superbowl Sunday and get more. I don't think Knockout Wings is normally open on Sundays, just Mon-Sat, but they were open on superbowl Sunday to fulfill all of the platter orders. My goodness, there were A LOT! Even being slammed on their day off, Trey and co-workers were still friendly, hard working, organized and efficient. I just am so happy to know that I have a place in Nashville that has wings that are really good.

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At 2/22/08, 5:25 PM, Blogger Hazza said...

I first had buffalo wings in 1991 in UK, but they are nothing compared to the real thing. Yours looked so delicious!

At 2/23/08, 7:28 AM, Blogger Eric and Katie said...

Knockout Wings for a Super Bowl party...that's a great idea. You know you can order the original buffalo sauce over the internet and make your own sometime. I have a friend who makes great wings at home. The best are done in the oven first and finished on the grill for a little char and then tossed in the sauce. You should also try BW-3 also known as Buffalo Wild Wings up in Madison. They're a chain, but they do a good job with wings. It's pretty much our standby for wings and beer. They have 12 different sauces I think.

At 2/23/08, 10:25 AM, Blogger Lannae said...

Hi Hazza, 1991 was a long time ago, and I wonder of the UK has better Buffalo wings now, or are Buffalo wings not a food item people want in the UK? These wings were pretty good, and that makes me happy because they are near where I live. BUT, I will say, the places in Ohio (800 Km away from me) I go to for wings are excellent. Next business trip there, I must take photos of my wings.

Hi Eric and Katie, I have never made a Buffalo wing, but your method sounds great! I love the grilled and chary flavor. I have to agree KO wings for the SB party was a great idea :) I am wondering how they fry the wings, yet they are not greasy at all. How does KO do that? Do you know? I tried the Wing Basket, and the wings came sitting in a pile of grease.

At 2/25/08, 4:31 PM, Blogger winedeb said...

My hubby is a wing fanatic! Those look awesome! I bet those wings will keep you warm on your cool winter evenings!

At 2/25/08, 5:00 PM, Blogger Lannae said...

Hi WineDeb, oh, I am a wing fanatic too! But, the best wings I have ever had were in the fine state of Ohio! People in Ohio know how to make a wing. If ever you get so far north as Sandusky, the 2 places I have the best wings are "Med's 800 Club", and the "Pub and Grub". How can you not like a place that the word Grub in its name?


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