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May 22, 2006

Tofts, Sandusky, OH

Tofts Dairy and Ice Cream Parlor
3716 Venice Road (Rt 6 west of downtown)
Sandusky, OH

Tofts Ice Cream Parlor is locally owned and served locally made ice cream in huge quantities. You get 4 big scoops for about $2.10. At lunch time, there are specialties, like hot dogs, chili, shredded chicken sandwich, bbq beef or pork sandwich, sausage sandwich, soup and other delites for the cost of $1.50 - $2.50 each. If you have a trip to the grocery planned, you can cut your grocery list by purchasing your dairy, bread and snack products here. You can take home a gallon of locally made milk, yogurt, local honey, potato chips and a loaf of bread for your pantry. I took some yogurt and raw honey home, and both were devine. Ice cream flavors come in all sorts of varieties that you can think of, including vanilla, chocolate, butter pecan, moose tracks, cookie dough and chocolate almond to name a few. Check out my "small sized" ice cream in a cup. Note, the cup is PINT size, filled with ice cream, and over flowing ! I suspect I got nearly one quart of ice cream that is all about the creamy goodness.


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