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April 15, 2006

Philadelphia, PA

Ben Franklin in Philadelphia

I used to live in Philadelphia, PA, but it has been over a decade since then. I never thought much of the city then, but I have learned the city has a lot to offer during my recent trip. The Philadelphia Art Museum was the 1st art museum in the USA. There are only 2 places you can see a Rodin Museum, one is France, and the other is center city Philadelphia. There are only 2 coin mints in the USA, and those cities are Denver and Philadelphia. There are only 2 cities to eat at Morimoto Iron Chef's restaurant, and those would be NYC and, you guessed it, Philadelphia. The Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Reading Terminal Market - one of the first farmer's markets in the USA, the first paved street in the USA, Philly cheese steaks, all three major USA sports Eagles and Phillies and the Flyers, and Ben Franklin's old house which is now covered by an expressway. The restaurant scene in Philadelphia is one of the best in the USA, and I would have to say that the restaurants can go head to head with any restaurant in NYC. The biggest observation I saw was that the city is in transition, where there are a lot of condos and restaurants going up for the rich, and there is a grown number of lay-offs and poverty for the poor.


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