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March 27, 2006

Chicago's Tony's Italian Beef

Tony's Italian Beef
7007 S. Pulaski
Chicago, Illinois

This "small sized" Hot Italian Beef sandwich was HUGE! It had layers of tender beef au jus, with peppers and onions on top and a nice layer of cheese on the bottom. The french bread was perfect that it soaked up the jus and was sturdy enough to hold together. Tony's Italian Beef does a brisk takeout business, but if you happen to be driving by Tony's there is a off-street parking lot that is free to park in and you can go in and enjoy your Italian Beef at the counter.


At 10/18/07, 8:07 PM, Anonymous Mrs. Kleechton said...

I agree that the food is terrific. The Italian beef sandwiches are generous. The cheeseburgers taste like what I remember my mom making when I was a kid.
HOWEVER - DO NOT get a milkshake. I got one and it tasted awful. It was beyond bad. It was sour and so it must have been spoiled. I actually got sick. I called Tony's and told them and the manager said they have "bad icecream" and that he has told the owner. He said there is absolutely nothing he could do about my experience. So, get the food, skip the shakes unless you like throwing up.


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