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April 2, 2006

Palos Hills - Hidden Gem

Hong Min
8048 W 11th St
Palos Hills, IL

Palos Hills, IL is a small suburb of Chicago with this authentic Chinese restaurant. We had 40 garlic clay pot chicken (how could chicken be bad with 40 cloves of garlic?), bok choy and roasted pork, clams with black bean sauce, snails with black bean sauce, ong choy (my favorite Chinese spinach and water cress like veggie), steamed oysters with cilantro and scallions, egg drop soup, and chung fun noodles. I might be forgetting a dish or two, but all of these were delicious, cozy and like my mom used to make. The building this restaurant is in what looks like a former fast food chain, like Cap't Ds, and the atmosphere inside is a bit under-whelming. Did I go to eat the building, or did I go to eat lovely Chinese food? I am saying the food, and it was awesome!


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