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March 30, 2006

Greektown has good restaurants, but...

Greek Islands
200 S. Halsted St
Chicago, IL
312-782-9855Greektown is a nice, busy, and comfortable part of Chicago. There are blue and white awnings up and down S. Halsted. I would have to say that almost any restaurant you pick in Greektown is going to be good for Greek food. The Greek Islands restaurant got the highest rating by CitySearch, but I am not certain if the people doing the rating ever really had delicious Greek food. The restaurant has many dining rooms with very nice decor, and it did feel like a Greek island with lovely tile work and cascading greenery. The sheer size of the place indicates it is meant to support tourists and large groups. We were seated by the kitchen line, and it seems that most everything is pre-made and sitting under heat lamps or in heated bins, so our table was a bit warm. The olive oil on the table was quite flavorful and I enjoyed dipping my bread in it. The dolamades - a bit tasteless with some tasteless floury white sauce that was supposed to be an egg-lemon sauce. The lamb shank sliced off the bone - it is obvious that the lamb had been sliced many hours earlier and sat under a heat lamp because it was dried out. Mousaka - there was a lot of bland potato with a layer of plain tomato sauce (I think there was supposed to be eggplant in this dish, but I never saw any), and fried calamari which was ordinary. I have had Greek meals that felt nurturing, had great texture, lovely flavor and excellent cooking execution, but Greek Island is not one of them. I would try one of the smaller Greektown restaurants for a more carefully made meal.


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