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September 21, 2007


I have been in and out of Huron, Ohio for the past two months. It has been heaven when it comes to fresh fruit. Ohio did not suffer the bloom and deep freeze like we had in Tennessee, they were just freezing all the way through May. Ohio's growing season is still going strong. As I continue to try to eat locally, I ate all local fruit and milk while in Huron, OH. It was so worth it.

These are my peaches I ate. These peaches came from a few peach trees from the woman's yard. She just set up this white table in her driveway to sell her peaches. I bought one container, and while doing so, I told her of the freeze and drought we had in Nashville. She took pity on me for my fruitless summer, and she gave me a 2nd container for free! The peaches were as big as a softball, and they were so juicy that at every bite I had juice going down my arm, and dripping on my shirt. Oh, I just love these sweet peaches!

Also, on the edge of town, there is a family farm that lets you pick your own raspberries, blackberries, and asparagus to name some of their crops. It was all on an honor system, they just had a jar sitting out with the price per pint or quart.

Here is my container of raspberries. After picking raspberries, I now understand why they cost so much. There are very fine thorns on the leaves and stems that kept on poking my hands and fingers and made them itch a little. Also, there needs to be a gentle touch while picking each individual berry. This is all very time consuming. At any rate, my raspberries were so perfect and flavorful. I was really lucky to be able to catch the peaches and raspberries in season while I was in Ohio. The raspberry and peach blooms in the Nashville area froze during the deep April freeze. There were no accessible Nashville raspberries or peaches for me this year. I am so thankful for these trips to Ohio because I love fresh, ripe and juicy fruit so much! I just ate and ate and ate fruit for the weeks I was there. One last word about traveling, it is still possible to eat locally when on travel, you just gotta keep your eyes open for farmer's markets and people selling their own home grown fruits and veggies.

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At 9/23/07, 2:39 PM, Blogger Katie Zeller said...

Those peaches are gorgeous...and the berries!
I know all about picking - I have a long walkway to my garden lined with blackberry brambles. I keep thinking I should pick enough for jam or something, but by the time I've 'picked' a bowl I say to hell with it and eat'em for lunch!

At 9/25/07, 3:53 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Hello KZ, those peaches were so good! I look at the photos and remember the juicy goodness. They were sweet, juicy, and satisfying.


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