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November 2, 2007

Copper value on the rise

Before Copper Kettle's current configuration, they had a fire, and moved their operation to a place a dead mall about 20 miles away, That interim location was an old Ruby Tuesday's joint, and the spot was a bit sad in a way. That interim location was supposed to be about 6 months during renovations of the real restaurant, but that dragged on and on and on. I kind of forgot about Copper Kettle until they finally moved back in closer to the center of Nashville. Now that they are back, they have been a place that has saved me for dinner. I have been on a non-cooking kick lately, so fast and fresh take-out has been what I have been eating, and Copper Kettle has fit the bill.

Copper Kettle is a meat and three taken to the next level. There are salads that look fresh and good, and the salads are not about the iceburg. There are lots of hot sides like green bean casserole, fresh steamed squash, real mashed potatoes, homemade mac and cheese, turnip greens, corn, carrots, and others. These are all made in-house, and not just manufactured by Sysco food distributor. The meals here are just decent meals you would be happy to feed your family. I have been here about 3 times in the past few weeks for dinner, eat in once and take out twice, and they have had fried chicken and a 2nd entree every single time. A meat and 3 seems to be enough for two people for a hearty dinner. One of the takeout days I just took out the meat part, and I got a tropical bbq pork chop and 2 pieces of fried chicken for only $5.50 plus tax. I went home and added my own veggies to complete the meal.

The day that I ate in, I was so excited. I had been battling food poisoning from another restaurant for about a week, and this particular day was the 1st day that I felt hungry. That week, I was feeling really bad, ate only rice, broth and bananas and having the will to eat anything else was exciting. I got all my favorites, fried chicken, mac and cheese and mashed potatoes with gravy. All of these tasted so good! All of these are comfort food in deed. After feeling so bad the week prior, it was certainly nice to be comforted by these comfort foods. I now equate Copper Kettle as the place that made me feel better, even though I know that the food poisoning ran its course by the time I got to Copper Kettle. Yeah, I am looking at my plate as I type this up, and I am kind of thinking I want some good old fried chicken and mac and cheese. Yum!

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At 11/3/07, 9:02 AM, Blogger Lesley said...

You're not going to tell us where you got food poisoning? :)

At 11/3/07, 2:06 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Do you really want to know? OK, I will give you a hint. This Mexican place is part of a local chain, this store is located up a little hill in a Kroger's shopping center across from a Fat Mo's near the Berry Hill Post office. I am kind of off eating at any of this chain now.

At 11/9/07, 2:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Coconut Chicken on Wednesday nights is unbelievable!!! I dream of them! :)

At 11/12/07, 9:59 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

Hi Anon, I will have to try the coconut chick. I really do enjoy Copper Kettle's easy dining.


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