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November 2, 2007

Day of the Dead

I went to the Day of the Dead - Dia de los Muertos celebration at Cheekwood Gardens. It was a small celebration of saints (November 1 is All Saints Day) and souls (November 2 is All Souls Day) that have come before us. As with any celebration there is always a tradition of food.

We got the celebration, and saw a local bakery selling backed goods and sugar skulls. Sweet candy skulls could be made with chocolate too, and many times they are decorated in bright colored royal frosting.

There was also a taco truck with the promise of tacos that look like this painting. This painting looks more like brown stuff covered in grass or grassy moss. I found that my curiosity was piqued, and wanted to know what their tacos really looked like.

To my happiness, the tacos were not covered in grass or grassy moss, but they were covered in onions, cilantro, and some green chili sauce. We squirted a little lime juice on top, and chowed down. As per usual, taco truck tacos are always good, and these little tacos were tasty and made a nice snack for us. We went on our way to check out the gardens, the scarecrows, the art, and the Day of the Dead pet cemetery. The kids got to draw colorful headstones for their pets that have past on. Check out the cat's blog to see some of the headstones of honored and celebrated pets. During the Day of the Dead Celebration, it was nice to think about all the goodness from those who came before me.


At 11/3/07, 11:38 AM, Blogger Katie Zeller said...

Toussants or All Saint's Day is the day that everyone puts chrysanthemums on the graves, here. It's a national holiday in most of (Catholic) Europe and all the stores and schools are closed, so big family gatherings ...but no taco trucks...damn...

At 11/3/07, 1:24 PM, Blogger Erica Kain said...

Yum! I love the skull cookies, and I know Chebbles would go nuts for them. And now, thanks to you, I need tacos for lunch!

At 11/3/07, 7:24 PM, Blogger Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

That must have been great! Mmmhhh, I love tacos!



At 11/4/07, 8:05 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

KZ, I gotta say, the tacos were a total bonus. Thanks for more history on the holiday. As you know, the USA does not celebrate this holiday, and I really don't know much about it.

Hi Cheb's mom, Ya know, there were flower and butterfly shaped cookies with pink and purple frosting too, I bet one Chebs would have dug those too! The tacos, I hear ya. I keep looking at the photo and wanting Mexican inspired food.

Rosa, Yes indeed, they were delicious. I want more even now!


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