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January 21, 2008

That's Bologna

Bologna plain is not a good sandwich meat for me. I don't like it, never did. When I was a kid, on occasion my mom would pack a bologna sandwich on white bread from my lunch. One time, I think I was 7 or 8, I did not want to waste food, so I did not eat the bologna sandwich and brought it back home with me. Instead of telling my mom I did not eat the sandwich, I hid it behind the back seat of the station wagon. In kid logic, I thought that since I did not put the sandwich in the trash, I wasn't wasting food. Well, days later, that sandwich began to stink and grow mold. When my mom found it and pulled it out from the behind the back seat of the station wagon, and after being in a hot car that lived in sunny Southern California, I think my mom was completely grossed out. I was grossed out by that rotting sandwich, and you bet that I never put a bologna sandwich behind the seat ever again.

At any rate, I don't like cold sandwiches in general. I don't like plain bread that is not toasted. But, when bologna is fried, and put in between 2 slices of toast with melted cheese, that is a sandwich I can eat with gusto!

The proper way to make the sandwich is to get a good thick slice of bologna from the deli. I also got a nice thick slice of horseradish cheddar cheese to go with my bologna. I then went to the Provence Bakery to get 2 slices of very good bread. At home I had some nice coarse mustard to use as well.

Here is the process:
Cut a line in the bologna slice from the center to the edge.
Pan fry the bologna to lightly brown and the bologna looks like Pacman.
Remove the bologna from the heat.
Take bread and spread a little mustard on one side of each slice.
Cut the cheese in 1/2 and place one piece on each slice of bread on the mustard side.
Place bologna in between the bread and cheese.
In the skillet, add a little butter, and place sandwich in the skillet until the bread is toasted and the lower side cheese is melty.
Turn over the sandwich over to brown the other side and melt the other cheese.

When you are done toasting the bread and melting the cheese, the sandwich should look like the one above. Yummy!

Here is my sandwich that I cut in half right before I ate it. It was really good for a quick hot dinner. The mustard and horseradish cheddar added a really nice punch to this dish.


At 1/22/08, 12:08 AM, Blogger Erica Kain said...

Where has horseradish cheddar been hiding my whole life?? I'm glad you had a good bologna adventure!

At 1/22/08, 2:39 PM, Blogger Eric and Katie said... isn't fair reading about this while eating my lean cuisine. I want one right now!

At 1/22/08, 4:41 PM, Blogger winedeb said...

Fried bolonga sandwich, wow that brings back memories! Never tried it with the cheese, so I will give it a go. I used to like mine with very fresh white bread, the fried bologna and tons of mustard! I know what's going on my grocery list:)

At 1/22/08, 9:41 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Cheb's mom, I say Yeah Baby to horseradish cheddar! Give it a try, yummy!

Hey E and K, It is possible that my sandwich had a few more fat grams than a well balanced lean cuisine. :)

WineDeb, isn't the fried bologna and grilled cheese brilliant? Did you get the ingredients at the store?

At 1/25/08, 3:24 AM, Blogger Laurie Constantino said...

Lannae, I feel exactly the same as you about bologna and cold sandwiches. Never liked them. We have a friend from West Virginia who's always talking up fried bologna sandwiches. Maybe I should give them a try...

At 1/25/08, 7:36 PM, Blogger Alejandra Ramos said...

Now THAT looks like an amazing bologna sandwich...

At 1/26/08, 8:15 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

Dear Laurie, you have wise friends from WV, or at least very wise when it comes to fried bologna.

Hello Alejandra, indeed, it was amazing. Thank you for noticing :-)

At 2/6/08, 8:36 AM, Blogger Lisa said...

I adore fried bologna sandwiches! The horseradish cheddar sounds like a great variation, too. Mmm, I'm craving one now.

At 2/6/08, 2:27 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Hi Lisa, I think it was your fried balogna sandwich a while back that had me thinking about fried balogna. It just took me all this time to make it! I have you to thank for reminding me of this comfort food. :)


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