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February 6, 2008

A Study of Candy

3 cubicle rows over, there are bunch of co-workers with a bookshelf that is the height of desk. The bookshelf is right outside one of the co-worker's cubicle, and it is the dumping ground for all the extra goodies we don't want in our house, or treats from vacation, or home-made treats that would be eaten in one sitting at home. Yesterday there were homemade chocolate chip cookies. I have dropped off some chips, and cookies. Another has dropped off some British shortbread from his trip to England. This time, there were candies left over from the Halloween. They were just too cute to pass up.

There were ice cream cones, hamburgers and hot dogs in candy. These are all separate pieces of candy to make up the ensemble of candies. I ate the hot dog candy before I had a chance to photograph my candy, but here are my ice cream cone and burger. The cone, the ice cream, the buns, the pickle and the burger are all separate pieces of gummy candy. I like that, so whe I opened the candy package, I actually got multiple pieces of candy. Aren't my candy cute?

Here is a closeup of my ice cream cone candy.

Here is my hamburger candy.

I was thinking about photographing my candy, and making it the best I could possibly make them. One food blogger I read, Hazza, asked how some food bloggers photograph their subjects with the foreground focused, and the background blurred. I didn't really know because I have a small 2 year old Canon Elph, and the Elph is just a point and shoot. Well, I now know. It is the spot focus feature on the manual setting option. I used the spot focus option on the 2nd photo, with the ice cream cone fully focused and the burger in the background as a blur. I will have to tell Hazza what I found out.


At 2/7/08, 12:27 AM, Blogger Erica Kain said...

Let's just agree not to tell Chebbles about the existence of this marvelous candy, shall we? And we're Canon Elph people too -- it makes us look like geniuses!

At 2/7/08, 10:07 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

Hello Cheb's Mom, mums the word. There are no more of these candies in the tin over on the bookshelf, and I will have to wait until Halloween for them to come back. And the Elph, it is an amazing little camera.

At 2/9/08, 2:10 AM, Blogger Hazza said...

Happy New year! As I was reading this, I was just reminded of the 5inch burger marshmallow my son has downstairs! Thanks for the photography tips. I still have to get my manual out as its all symbols in the manual!

At 2/9/08, 11:04 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

Hi Hazza, I think candy shaped as other food is always funny. A 5 inch marshmallow burger sounds really funny! Good luck with the photos!

At 2/10/08, 4:22 PM, Blogger winedeb said...

Too cute Lannae! I love unique candy, although my favorite is ANYTHING chocolate! How fun are these!!!
Happy New Year:)

At 2/12/08, 5:15 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

I am so glad you thought these candies were cute! I did too! And, whoever doesn't like chocolate is a bit weird for my tastes. Chocolate rules.


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