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November 23, 2009

Gabby Gabby Hey!

BBQ Burger with Cheddar, extra Bacon and fries = $6

I found the burger made the way I want it! Hooray!!! My specific specifications for the perfect burger is locally grown (within 100 miles of my house) grass fed beef, cheddar cheese, slightly sweet and spicy bbq sauce, smoky bacon, onions and pickles on a good bun, preferably toasted. I really like the way this combination of flavors tastes, and Gabby's has it. The gig is that every made to order burger comes with a side of potato fries, sweet potato fries, chili or slaw, and all that is less than $6. All the fried potatoes and sweet potato fries are made to order, so they are nice and fresh and delicious. Really really good. I mean, Really Really good! And, here is something else that I really like about Gabby's, Doug, owner and chef, makes wasabi mayo, which I like to dip my fries into. Doug put in a lot of wasabi, so there is a nice tingly flavor to the mayo. He also has regular mayo, ketchup, mustard and Shirachi hot sauce if you want those to put on your burgers or dip your fries.

Now for the news about hours of operation: M-F 10:30 am - 2:30 pm, and this is a lunch business only during the work week. If you are working in a different county, and only have 1 hr for lunch, you may be pushing it to commute and eat here, so you maybe SOL. But, recently, Doug has added additional hours onto Friday, so you may have more luck than SOL. Doug is keeping Gabby's open until 7 pm for a dinner crowd only of Fridays. For me, it is almost worth taking a vacation hour off from work to catch lunch at Gabby's because the burgers and fries are so good. The other thing is that Gabby's will make take-out orders, but the fries don't keep their crispy outside for long, and they get a little soggy.

Update June 11, 2010: Well, I went back to Gabby's today, at 2:00 pm after a long road trip back from work travel. I just wanted a Gabby's burger and fries, and things were not too tidy in there. There were greasy smears on the water and lemonade containers, there was ketchup and grease on the door handle to get to the water and lemonade, and the glass on the fridge door containing the water and lemonade looks like it was never cleaned. The A/C was not able to keep up with cooling the room, so it was definitely hotter than 85F in there. I was sweating. I saw that someone else complained about the temperature and lack of A/C too, and I should have suspected that this would be the case. In the depths of winter, it was really cold in there, and I ate my burger with my coat on. I guess the heating unit cannot keep up with freezing temperatures either. The containers that dispense the ketchup, mayo, mustard, etc where dirty, and the spigots to these dispersers were dirty more than just dried crusted condiments. When I grabbed the ranch dressing dispenser to put some in a little cup, I got some sort of greasy and dirty brown stuff on my hand, and that is not exactly what I want. Lastly, the last thing that pushed me over the edge were the flies. There were at least 2 flies landing on my food, my drink, my arms and my legs. I was spending more time swatting at the flies than eating my lunch. I ate about 1/2 of my lunch before I had to leave. It looks like I will not likely go back to Gabby's this summer, it seems to have lost its magic touch over me.

October 2010 burger and fries

October 2010 - The record breaking heat (most consecutive days of 90F+ temps) is finally over. It was unbearable for me in Gabby's over the summer because the A/C unit there is not powerful enough to cool the room with a hot griddle, fryers and fridge units all pumping out hot air. It was so hot, sunny and humid outside during the summer that it was unbearable for me to sit outside of Gabby's during the summer. But now, with comfortable temperatures during the day, and virtually no rain, it is nice to go to Gabby's again. The last time I was there a couple weeks ago, there were no flies on my food, the air temp inside and out was good, and I am happy to be getting a burger at Gabby's again.

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