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March 4, 2010

Another Cold Day

I am ready for spring and summer. I am ready to do things that require spring and summer weather. I am ready to jog outside. I am ready to eat outside. I am ready for another Ocoee trip. Spring, where are you? Spring, please come soon!


At 3/4/10, 2:40 PM, Blogger Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I am also ready for spring! Here, it is already starting (but slowly)...



At 3/5/10, 9:09 AM, Blogger Erin said...

It is time, indeed!!!

At 3/6/10, 2:49 AM, Blogger Katie Zeller said...

I am sooooo ready for spring. The weather here just turned cold again... in MARCH!
As to your industrial food products... I find if I 'just say no' I can avoid them. It's been years, now - of course, I'm not exposed to it all every day. (Although I can never pass up the double chocolate chunk brownie at the Barnes and Noble when I'm in the US)


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