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April 29, 2011

Cheerwine is here

the sign

For you tar heels, wolfpack, blue devils, and others out there from the fine state of NC, Cheerwine has finally made a comeback to Nashville, Tennessee. It has been a long thirty season, but that is all fixed now. Buy it at most grocery stores in Nashville.

the can

There are two varieties of Cheerwine, there is the can which is made with HFCS, and you know how I feel about HFCS. BUT, there is Cheerwine in glass bottles made with pure cane sugar.

the hand and can

For those of you who have not had Cheerwine, it is a cherry soda that is dark ruby red. It has less sugar and HFCS than the other cherry sodas.

one of the owners

Cheers to Cheerwine.


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