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March 21, 2011

Vinegar Experiment Part 1

My vinegar mother arrived at my house on Wednesday, and stuck her in my refrigerator until I was ready to deal with her. No, I am not talking about a tiger or overbearing mother, I am talking about acetobacter, a type of bacteria that converts alcohol to acetic acid, the acid found in red wine vinegar. I looked around Nashville for anyone who makes red wine vinegar, and there is no one I know who makes vinegar in and around Nashville for at least 50 miles. I asked the bio dynamic organic farmers I know from Davidson, Macon, Williamson, Sumner and Wilson Counties, and not one makes vinegar. I asked all of the talented cooks from the Nashville food blogging world, and not one makes vinegar. I asked all the farmers from West Farmers Market, and not one makes vinegar. I asked all my buddies who have the Wild Fermentation book, and not one makes vinegar.

Vinegar Mother from 25 year old mother stock from Northampton, MA

So, I decided I wanted known stock with longevity, so I looked back to my old stomping grounds Amherst and Northampton, Massachusetts. Amherst and NoHo are areas where there has been a local organic, vegan, vegetarian, make your own culture for as long as I have known about these towns (so that would be over 30 years). I contacted the NoHo brewing company, and they have 25 year old vinegar mother started with love in Northampton, MA. That is the mother I want, and that is the mother I got.

Red wine turning into vinegar, Day 1

So, here is my container with leftover wine from various bottles, the vinegar mother and a little water. And now I wait.


At 3/21/11, 9:30 PM, Blogger Allison said...

I can't wait to hear how it goes!!

At 3/21/11, 11:58 PM, Anonymous edKing said...

I've tried so many red wine vinegars and the ONLY one I use is COLAVITA'S. I had run out 2 months ago and couldn't find it anywhere...until today. Harris Teeter on West End...they still have 3 bottles left! Maybe more back stage.

At 3/22/11, 1:00 PM, Anonymous Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Oh this is exciting! I really look forward to hearing the results.

At 3/22/11, 3:21 PM, Anonymous Lesley Eats said...

This is so cool. I admire your ambition!

At 3/24/11, 5:33 PM, Blogger Lannae said...

Alli, I will let you know!

edKing, Buy up those bottles of Colavita's! Vinegar doesn't go bad, so stock up!

Alicia, I will let you know, and let you have jar when it is done :)

Lesley, thanks! I hope it turns out. On day 4, nothing looks different and the crock still smells like wine.

At 4/1/11, 11:35 AM, Blogger Hettar7 said...

i'm so excited to see how this turns out for you! Let us know, and if it turns out well, let us know how.

good luck!


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