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March 1, 2011

It's a Flint Thing

UPDATE: Sadly, this little delicious Flint Style Coney Dog place has closed.

Detroit/Flint Style Coney Dogs made
the traditional way

The proper way to make a Detroit/Flint Style Coney Dog is to use Koegel's hot dogs made with a natural casing that gives cracking snap when you bite into it, Michigan style Coney Sauce (loose meat chili) from Michigan, on a steamed hot dog bun topped with yellow mustard and chopped onions only. There is no cheese, kraut, ketchup, chilis, pickles, relish, etc. The chili is a a loose meat chili with no onion, no beans, no peppers, just loose meat in a brownish gray gravy. The Michigan Style Coney Dog is a thing of beauty. My buddy who grew up around the Motor City and Flint, MI discovered Jim's Coney Island and went into a happy kid dance after taking one bite of the hot dog that was exactly how he remembered them as a kid. I believe my buddy is so dang happy every single time he gets a chance to visit Jim's Coney Island and get at least one of the perfect Flint Style Coney Dog.

fresh cooked fries with seasoning salt

Not only are there the perfect Flint Style Coney Dogs, there is also Vernors Ginger Ale and Faygo sodas served along side the hot dogs. Vernors Ginger Ale was formulated by Mr Vernor, a Detroit Pharmacist back in the 1800s when soda was consider medicinal, created this drink. The perfect pairing to take you to Detroits finest hot dog dining is a Vernors Ginger Ale and Flint Style Coney Dog. If you don't want a Vernors, there is also Faygo brand soda, another Detroit soda maker, and maker of the Red Pop soda.

If you go and dine with friends who don't want a hot dog, there are wings, burgers, fries, and onion rings. I am not sure about the burgers because I am not going to a hot dog joint for a burger. Anyway who goes to Jim's and gets a burger needs to let me know how the burgers are.

red hot wings

All of the components of Jim's Coney Island (Real Detroit Coney Island Hot Dogs) are the real deal, and the sodas available to wash down the hot dogs are also Detroits finest and the real deal as well. I love that Nashville has this little gem of a place that brings a little Detroit to a funky little hot dog store off of Harding Place near the I65 interchange. Don't expect red chili, beans, cheese, kraut etc, this not the gig for this place. This place is about the Detroit/Flint Style Hot Dog.

How to find this place, it isn't necessarily a place you would drive by normally. It is on Trousdale Drive just north of Harding Place near the intersection of I65 and Harding Place. From Harding, turn north onto Trousdale. Pull into the Marathon Gasoline Station. Jim's Coney Island is in the little retail space of the Marathon Gasoline Station. By the way, this Marathon Gas Station is one of the only places in town that sells real gas, not that ethanol gas.

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At 3/1/11, 9:10 AM, Blogger ceeelcee said...

Ironically, I went to Jim's for the first time yesterday. What a great little joint.

I'll be back.

At 3/2/11, 4:30 AM, Anonymous EdKing said...

Of all the hot dogs joints in this town, JIM'S tops every one of them. Did you mention that 'Jim' is really Ron's DOG? Next time you go, make sure you ask Ron how Jim is doing.
One more thing...Jim's burgers can be really good, too. I have asked Ron to please not squash the burger and to cut back on the seasoned salt. Ron's accomodating. You might find his cheeseburgers are the best around.

At 3/2/11, 5:54 PM, Blogger Lannae said...

Glad you liked Jim's C. I do too. It is kind of like a dive bar without the alcohol. I love it!

Hey E, I asked Ron why the place is called Jim's. It is because Ron doesn't have an ego as big as Jim. LOL!

I just really love these Detroit Coneys made with the real deal Detroit ingredients.

At 3/3/11, 2:35 PM, Anonymous Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

This looks like such a great place.Next time we are on that side of town we will have to check it out.Thanks.

At 3/8/11, 8:23 AM, Blogger Lannae said...

Hi A! This is a funny little spot in town, but Ron, the cook and owner, really does make a good Detroit Coney Dog.


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