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April 20, 2011

Vinegar Experiment Part 2

So, as I put my laundry in the laundry machine and pressed start. When it stopped, I took my laundry out and put it into the dryer. As I was moving the wet clothing into the dryer, I thought I smelled something sour. I was wondering what happened to my clothes, is the water bad? Did the washing activate some sort of sour smelling bacteria in my clothes? What the heck!

Then, I realized it was my vinegar crock. The bacteria making vinegar can likes warmth, darkness, and air, so I put the vinegar crock on one of the shelves in the laundry closet in my house. The laundry closest is one of the warmest places in the house. The doors are normally closed, so there is very little light in there. The doors are vented, so there is plenty of air in the laundry closet. Perfect for the vinegar. So, I think the vinegar bacteria are making vinegar. It smells a little sour, and there is a sheen of bacteria on top of the surface of the wine. Neat.

It has been one month since beginning this vinegar crock. I got 2 to 5 months to go before I got vinegar. The vinegar story continues.


At 4/21/11, 9:15 AM, Anonymous Lesley Eats said...

Funny, because when my washer starts smelling funky, I add vinegar to a wash!

At 4/23/11, 8:18 PM, Anonymous Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Oh I am loving that you are letting us go on this vinegar making journey with you! I think it is so interesting and am looking forward to the next update.Happy Easter!


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