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August 31, 2011

The Root of the Matter

local organic veggies and chickpea salad

The Root Cafe is a fair trade coffee shop, black tea bar, fresh juice bar, local organic diner, vegan and vegetarian diner, organic pizza joint, locally baked bread sandwich joint, and organic whole wheat burrito place. There is so much food I love here, and there is free WiFi. This is one of my first stops on the way into Cleveland because I just want to start my travel meals right. There are local farmers supplying local organic veggies for the sandwiches, salads, and pizzas, that I can fulfill my desire to eat something local organically everyday. I feel really good eating at this place. I don't feel weighed down. I never get a food hangover from this place. It is great fuel for a jog a little later. While traveling, it seems so hard to eat right, and have the healthy
food be delicious. The Root helps keep me in delicious healthy food and beverage.

This last trip I took, I dropped by the Root right after I landed, and I has this really delicious salad with chickpeas, greens, local veggies, and a lemon and olive oil dressing. Accompanying the salad were two slices of homemade toast. The older I get, the worse I feel after eating fast food and highly processed foods. Nothing is highly processed at The Root. I felt great eating the dish and I felt great driving off to my destination afterwards. I am so glad The Root is convenient for me, and I really like this place.

dinner spinach salad

This is an update to may last trip to Cleveland, I flew in and stopped by The Root again for a nourishing lunch. This time I got the spinach salad with brown rice, a farm egg, and a small whole grain muffin. It was filling enough, but did not weigh me down, so I could go and do the things I had to do. Again, I felt like I did my body good. Thanks Root! Also, one bonus thing, I pulled into a parking spot behind a gal who was just leaving, and she left over an hour on the meter, so I got to park for free! Bonus!

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