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September 4, 2011

The Hoss

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the really nice, new seeming truck

The other day, I really wanted to make a burger because I have some really good Kenny's Farmhouse Blue Cheese, and I thought it would be perfect in a burger. I have never made one of these burgers, but I was planning on getting some local organic pastured ground beef, and then putting some of the blue cheese in the middle of the patty (incapsulated), then throwing the burgers on the grill, and then eating them on crusty French bread. Well, the logistical problems I had with this plan was that I was completely out of local pastured ground beef, and it involves the Man because I don't know how to work the grill. Our grill isn't just turn the gas or propane on, or throw some coals on, it is a wood burning grill, local hickory wood burning grill to be exact. The Man was out doing thing of more importance, so I abandoned that idea, and went with some stove top heirloom tomato sauce with herbs and chilies from my garden as the basis for dinner. I thought about a cheese stuffed burger every day since then, and thought about the logistics, spices, how to do it because I actually have never made a stuffed burger before.

the cheddar stuffed burger with fried onions, thick bacon

Then, one Friday, as I was driving home in the early evening, as I passed by Jackalope (the only woman owned micro brewery in TN), I saw the truck, and I had to stop! It was the Hoss' Loaded Burger food truck! Holy crap, I wanted a loaded burger, and here it is! Screeching to a halt, and pulling into the parking lot of Jackalope (well, I didn't screech, it was more of a turn signal, safely slow down and turn into the parking lot) and I looked at what Hoss' had to offer.

We ordered the Hoss, and the Sherry. The Hoss is a cheddar stuffed burger with bacon and onions, ad he Sherry is mushroom and mild cheese burger. It was exactly what I was thinking about for days and days! Not only does Hoss' serve up stuffed burgers, they use Gourmet Pasture beef, a local pastured, no hormone beef farm with really great beef and buns from a local baker from West Nashville. I looked into the truck to talk to Dallas (the owner), and I told him I had been thinking about making a stuffed burger myself for days on end, but never did. Now, with Hoss' I don't have to, he can just making 'em for me. They are good burgers. Once you bite into the burger, you get a little treat of cheese oozing out from the middle to mix with the really good toppings. I really like the cheddar burger because of the flavor combination of bacon, onion and cheddar. The stuffed burger has a different mouth feel, texture and flavor perception than just melting cheese on top and then piling on other toppings. It is bit of surprise to get the oozy cheese once you get to the cheese in the middle of the patty. It is just a fun and surprising way to eat a burger.

Then, the next Friday, as I drove home, there Hoss' was in the Jackalope's parking lot again! I "screeched" in to the parking lot to pick up dinner on the go. OK, I didn't screech again, and I did safely signal and turn into the parking lot to see Dallas and get burgers for our dinner. I kept on looking at him, and then a light bulb went off. I know Dallas, whose nickname is Hoss. He and I used to belong to the same Corporate Downtown Nashville Lunch Bunch. Dallas gave up a corporate career with a very successful company (even in the economic down turn his old company was doing well) to try his hand in a loaded burger food truck. Dallas has been thinking many many moons about his loaded burger concept, and he has spent many many moons trying different flavor profiles for his burgers. Then one day this summer, Dallas just made the jump from corporate American to his own food truck serving up stuffed burgers. I wish Dallas much luck in his stuffed burger endeavors. Go look for him and his loaded burger truck on the streets of Nashville.

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At 9/21/11, 9:40 AM, Anonymous Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Oh my goodness that burger looks awesome!! We are definitely going to have to find this truck!! Thanks for letting us know about it!

At 7/5/13, 5:53 AM, Anonymous Nashville Food Truck said...

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