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October 12, 2011

Best of Nashville 2011

Thank you so much Nashville Scene for the honor of a nice write up in the 2011 edition of the Best of Nashville (BON)! It is just an honor, and Thank You Thank You Thank You! I thank you for inviting me to the BON party too! What a trip! The party was catered by... who else?! The BON food winners! The party was catered by the best of Nashville restaurants! Now that is a fine catered party!

The Nashville Parthenon aka BON 2011 Party Central!

Beth from Beth's Eat.Drink.Smile blog.
Beth is #1 Food Blogger (tied with me) in my book!
If you want to know about food events and good food
in Nashville and where Beth travels, check out her blog!

Best Food Truck: Grilled Cheeserie was parked outside the food tent.
The man loves the tomato soup, and I love the gluten free grilled cheese.

Best Sushi: Samurai Sushi. I agree! Love your sushi!

Best Bagel: Star Bagel.

Best Cupcakes: 1.Gigi's, 2.Cupcake Collection, 3. Fiddlecakes
Fiddlecakes has a line of gluten free desserts, WOW!

Belmont Mascot: Bruin Bear. I took a photo of Bruin Bear because he is cute, not because he is part of the great Nashville food scene. BUT, I gotta tell ya, I have eaten in the Belmont Univ student cafe multiple times, and the pizza, the hot food options, the salad bar, ice cream bar,
skillet cook to order options are really good! The staff also eats at this cafeteria too because Belmont dining service is just that good!


At 10/12/11, 10:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This was so much fun! And congrats to you Lannae! Well deserved!

At 10/12/11, 10:38 AM, Anonymous Vivek Surti said...

It was a great event! And well deserved, Lannae! Congratulations!!

At 10/12/11, 7:29 PM, Blogger Beth said...

Awww, Lannae, that's so sweet! So happy that the editors honored you with the Food Blog Trailblazer award. Definitely deserved!

On another note- how did I completely miss the Grilled Cheeserie truck at the party??!?!?

At 10/12/11, 9:14 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Vivek and Beth, it was so so fun to see you at the BON Party! You two are my #1 favorite blogs!


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