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October 5, 2011

Look for Geeks!

Nashville's 3rd Annual Weekend-Long Event
October 21 - 23, 2011
Show Mid-TN's Non-Profits Some Love!

What is GiveCamp? GiveCamp is a worldwide weekend in nearly 50 locations, including Nashville, where tech geeks, programmers, coders, managers, tech professionals voluteer their expertise to their local non-profits and charitable organizations to help the non-profits with their computing and programming needs. Check out GiveCamp Worldwide for the wider view of GiveCamp.

What Nashville GiveCamp needs are volunteering programmers, web designers, tech geeks, developers, coders, project managers, organizers, logistics to help some of our local non-profits and charitable organizations with their coding, programming and computing needs. There maybe database building, programming, website building, or whatever programming needs crop up. Tech professionals please go to to sign up! Sign up now for a few hours to all weekend!

What Nashville GiveCamp needs is to feed and hydrate all the volunteers for the weekend! If you can donate meals, snacks and/or beverages, please do! Contact Lora Stevenson-Obrohta to find out how you can donate meals, snacks and beverages. or give her a call at 615-962-3791 Also, if you donate, you WILL be recognized on the Sponsor page on the website, and GiveCamp will tell the world!

The Location in Nashville is sponsored by Goodwill Industries, David B Lifsey Career Solutions Center, 937 Herman St, Nashville, TN 37208 up near the Nashville Farmer's Market on Rosa Parks Blvd.

Which Charitable Organizations is GiveCamp Helping? Well, this years list has not been finalized yet, and will be announced on Friday October 21. But, here is the list of organizations from LAST YEAR, to give you and idea of some of our local non-profits:
Come out, and help! Thank You!


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