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January 17, 2012

Budda C


ginger scallion lobster

Off the beaten path from Boston restaurants is a little place called Budda C in Brookline. This place is located a couple miles west of downtown Boston, and a few blocks east of Coolidge Corner Brookline in a fairly residential area. The T Green Line C has a stop right outside the restaurant. Budda C is really slick inside, the decor is Chinese Asian inspired with red, white, black and gold and modern minimalism as well. The low volume music in the background is industrial. I really love this place. But, it is also in a slight cursed location because it isn't in a high foot traffic area, and doesn't have the same walking traffic as other restaurants do in Boston, Brookline and Cambridge. The upswing is that the food is really good here, and there isn't a wait. I hope this delicious restaurant thrives long enough for my next visit to Boston.

Honestly, I went back to Budda C on two evenings in a row on Monday and Tuesday. Yup, that is how much I like this place. Budda C has really good specials on Monday and Tuesday which is twin lobsters for $20 and oysters for $1/per. Since I don't trust oysters in Nashville, except at Fish and Co, and I can't really get lobster in Nashville at all, I jumped on the opportunity to get these dishes and at a special price. What a good yummy deal!

The atmosphere here is also something I like too. It is hip and modern, and let's me suspend my disbelief of who I am. I look like some geeky version of a suburban soccer mom, but when I I was seated at Budda C, I became (in my mind) the hip, urban, skinny jean and pearl earring wearing Bostonian instead. Not bad for the price of two discounted dinner prices in a row.

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At 1/18/12, 6:13 PM, Anonymous Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Oh this looks amazing. Sounds like all of the places you ate at while there were amazing. We love fresh seafood so this looks especially delicious!!

At 1/18/12, 9:04 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

So Good Alicia! I love this little place. I keep hoping that it is there for the next time I can afford to get back up to Boston!

At 1/22/12, 6:51 AM, Anonymous Suitcase Reviews said...

The seafood looks amazing !! I hope you had a good time and if im ever up that way i will drop in the diner!


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