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January 27, 2012

A Desert Day

D only had one day off during the recent biz trip to Abu Dhabi, and D really wanted to enjoy the area, so D went on a UAE desert safari. Included was off roading on dunes, camel riding, sand boarding, dune buggy riding, trying on traditional outfits, henna tattoos, partaking in a really fantastic regional food buffet, hookah pipe smoking, viewing belly dancing, and lastly heading home. How the trip worked was D and crew got a desert tour outfitter to arrange the trip. The desert tour outfitter showed up at the hotel with a bunch of SUVs to drive the crew to the dunes about 80Km south of Abu Dhabi. There is a really good paved road most of the way. The SUV drivers stopped the cars right before entering the sand and deflated the tires. The drivers got back into the cars and started driving the rest of the way to camp site through the sand dunes. As D said, it was like an SUV roller coaster ride over the sand dunes for about 1/2 hr before getting to the camp.

camels for camel rides

The dunes for dune riding in SUVs

Buffet line after all the camel and dune riding fun

D's plate

D enjoyed the sandy fun and the buffet. The buffet was extensive and includes beef and lamb kebabs, kefta, and grilled chicken. To accompany the meats were rice pilaf, tabouli, hummas, olives, shirazi salad, spiced mixed veggies, grilled eggplant, and French fries and cole slaw for the American guests.


At 1/31/12, 9:13 AM, Anonymous Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Wow looks like an awesome trip and the food looked really good!!


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