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October 20, 2015

Wine Down Main Street

Come join the 15th Annual Wine Down Main Street in Franklin TN on November 7th, 7:00 - 10:00 pm!  There will be 40 shops opening their doors to you, and hosting over 170 wines, and tasting plates from some of the best local restaurants the the Franklin/Nashville area.  Many of my favorite restaurants, such as Saffire, Rodizio Grill, Chauhan Ale and Masala House, City Winery, Amerigo and more! will be providing delicious bites for you to try.

Chauhan spicy lamb chili with cucumber sauce and papadi chips

VIP and Premium VIP tickets include an exclusive experience at The Red House, complete with special food tastings and a full bar. Premium VIP will also include a gift bag and “FastPass” credential that allows guests to bypass the line at select wine tasting stations.  All proceeds from ticket sales will benefit the Boys and Girls Clubs of Middle TN.

I got to speak with some staff and the President of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Middle TN, and hear what this organization means to them.   The answers ranged from fun to saving lives.  Dan Jernigan, President and CEO said his Boys and Girls Club in his home town saved his life.  When he was growing up as a little towheading and bright eyed boy in the Midwest, he did not know his father (until later in life), ran with a rough crowd, and most of those rough crowd kids did not finish junior or senior high school.  He started doing some bad stuff as teenager, and much of that bad stuff is not what you want your son or daughter to be doing.  Then, he joined his local Boys and Girls Club.  He loved his time after school at the club, he met new friends, got hangout with some of his already-friends, got to play with his friends, learned new things, and focus on his future.  The director at his club, helped Dan focus on going to college, have acedemic success and do the right thing as citizen of his community.  His said all his old friends and neighbors who did not join the Boys and Girls Club did not go to college, and some got arrestedHappily for Dan, he did go to college, and then worked his way up to President and CEO of this organization, with a focus of giving back to the kids of our communities, and help more kids have fun after school, learn new things and focus on their future of success.  Dan attributes his life success to his Boys and Girls Club.  

You can make a difference in kids lives simply by participating in Wine Down Main Street!  Yes, it is that easy, buy a ticket and attend the Premier Williamson County wine and food tasting event in Downtown Franklin. Wine Down Main Street has raised $1.5 Million since the event has begun.  Every sip and taste you take will help kids like Dan become successful and contributing members of our communities.  To learn more about The Boys and Girls Club of Middle TN, Click Here.


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