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November 12, 2016

Breakfast at Home

Breakfast at Home
Over Medium Egg,
Vegetable lamb bacon sauce

With my work schedule, it has been really hard to get home and cook.  I like to have time at home to cook because, I like cooking when I have the time, it saves money, I get to use good quality ingredients, and I get to use food I preserved from seasons prior.  It is the ultimate slow food.

My breakfast today was hearty, and farm house good. I think that if some of the nice brunch restaurants in Nashville served this dish, they could probably sell it for a healthy price because it tasted like a million bucks.  I will be eating this for lunch as well and tomorrows breakfast.  Just delicious!

Here is how I made this dish:

Grits:  Boil grits as directed.  Add organic cream, garum and organic cayenne (from my organic garden) to taste.

Egg:  Over medium local free range farm egg.

Vegetable lamb bacon sauce (make this ahead of time, like the day before):  Homemade preserved biodynamic tomato sauce (6 cups frozen from this summer) made with a variety of heirloom tomatoes (Bells Bend Farms), carrots and onions boiled to concentrate and pureed;  smoked Williamson County 4-H lamb bones (1+lb bones left over from dishes I got from City House); diced country ham (Clifty Farms); diced uncured apple wood smoked bacon; biodynamic diced onion, cubed beets, basil, garlic, and jalapenos (Barefoot Farmer); Sauvignon Blanc Knights Valley (1 cup Matanzas Creek Vineyard); toasted and ground pecans (Produce Place); and garum.  Dump all the ingredients into a slow cooker on high for 4 hours.  Pull out lamb bones.

Bon appetit!


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