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May 22, 2006

Damon's on Lake Erie

Damon's Grill - Lake Erie
701 East Water Street
Sandusky, OH

There are Damon's all over the midwest, and is a chain steakhouse. Damon's has ribs, steaks and prime rib. Myself being from the south, would not get the ribs because good ribs only come from great smokehouse roadside joints.

What would a visit to a steakhouse be without a fried onion? Damon's is known for it is greasy and yummy onion loaf. Everytime I am in Sandusky, I usually go and treat myself to primerib at Damon's with an onion loaf, and a loaded baked potato. The best part about this Damon's is that it is not a sports bar (some other Damon's locations are loud sports bars), and this one has an excellent view of Lake Erie and Cedar Point Amusement Park.

This meal that I had recently has fries and a loaded potato. I did not order the fries, rather the waitress made a mistake and brought the fries first, and then corrected the order with a potato.

Honestly, I just love the view of this Great Lake while dining. I am really lucky to be able to sit at a table with a view every time I am at Damon's.


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