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March 30, 2008

Brussels Sites to See

Saturday, our 2nd day in Brussels, we decided to see what we could see. The weather was cool, windy and overcast, and the rainy season was about to begin. We got lucky through, for the most part it did not rain on this day.

Eddy Merckx bicycle

Our 1st stop was to go to see Eddy Merckx bicycle at the Eddy Merckx subway station. The Eddy Merckx station is located on the edge of Brussels with the Ikea and the Coca-Cola plant within walking distance. Eddy Merckx is the Belgian guy who who won the Tour de France 5 times and holds the distance record for a 1 hour bike ride. The bicycle shown above is the bike Eddy Merckx rode during his great land speed record.

King Albert, the Solider King

statues on the wall of a church in Grand Place

beautiful buildings

The E.U. Parliament Building

There are free audio tours of the E.U. Parliament at 10 am and 3 pm M-Th, and 10 am F when the E.U. is not in session. Just show up 15 - 30 minutes in advance of the tour time and wait in line. While we were walking around the garden close by to the E.U. Parliament, we saw a stray tortie cat. I hope there are enough voles and mice for the cat to eat in the garden.



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