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October 12, 2010

Maui's Best Pizza

(6 miles north of the Kahului Airport
on the historic Hana Hwy)

the wood burning pizza oven

The best wood burning oven pizza, the best crust, the best local and organic ingredients, and great giving back to the community makes Flatbread Co. the best pizza in Hawaii. Really, this is quite possibly the best wood burning oven pizza I have ever had. So, the next time you are on Maui, and you just picked up your rental car at the Kahului Airport make a bee-line to this pizza joint. All you have to do is exit the Kahului Airport property, and make a left a the first traffic light, and drive 6 miles until you get into town of Paia (the 1st town you will get to). There is a public parking lot just as you enter town on the right, and the restaurant will be on the left.

This pizza joint is so popular with tourist and locals alike. The place was pack and happy when we got there at 9 pm. We were all really hungry, so it is possible the drinks and pizza tasted that much better, but I think they pizza stands on its own regardless of the hunger meter being high.

Eh, it is just plain simple, Flatbread Co, Paia, Maui County, Hawaii is a MUST VISIT for me for every time I am on the island of Maui. I must eat here, and take out a pizza from here to enjoy later. Yum.

Hawaiian pork and house made sausage pizza

On day 2, some of us traveled to the Kahului Airport to pick up our last buddy to get in. She came in at about 8:45 pm, and we were looking for a place to catch some dinner. We knew she was hungry because we all came in the day before hungry because none of us wanted to pay $10 for a crappy airplane salad with Sunchips (yuck), nor a crappy dry-ass turkey sandwich with dry-ass Sunchips, nor $4.50 for bag of chips after paying an extra $60 for 2 checked bags. We were right, our buddy was starving, so we dialed up on our "little hand-held machines" restaurants close by. Well, there was a delis, McDs, BK, chains, frozen yogurt, etc, and none of it is what we wanted. Then, this little local organic fresh brick oven pizza joint popped up on our little machine screens, and off we went.

We get to this delicious pizza place and notice how cute the town was. It reminds me of little towns on Cape Cod, little towns in Sonoma Valley, Martha's Vineyard etc. I liked the look, feel, and vibe of this pizza place and the town. We had about a 10 minute wait, so we preordered pizza, so it would come to our table sooner. We noticed the crust is made with organic flour, many of the ingredients are grown on the island of Maui, and sausage and pepperoni are house made. When we finally got seated after a short 10 minute wait, we saw the drink list which was impressive to me. The beer list has microbrews, and some of the fruit juice is fresh squeezed. We all like the drink list and it was almost hard to pick one to start. Quickly, our waitress brought our drinks, and a couple minutes after we sat down, our preordered pizzas were on the table.

The Hawaiian pork pizza had a light sweet and sour bbq sauce pulled pork and red onions on top. The sausage pizza was house made sausage crumble, mushrooms, and onions. The crust on both of the pizza tasted slightly sweet, so I imagine there may be honey or sugar in the dough. But, the crust worked quite well with the sweet and sour pulled pork, and the savory and herb-y sausage. For me, I like charred pizza crust, so I ate all the charry crust bubbles, and luckily, a couple people I was with did not love the charry bubbles, so dining on the pizza with them was perfect for me. The one detail, which may matter to some, it that they cut the pizza in square pieces not slices. So, those who do not like charry crust could get an inside piece without char, and I could take an outside piece with the charry crust. Perfect :)

On day 4 of our adventure, that was a day were the dozen of us decided to go on our own for the day. Two of my buddies who were with me at pizza day decided to go to the north side of the island and see what is there, and go back to Flatbread for another pizza because they liked it so much. Again, when I get back to Maui, I am eating here.

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At 10/12/10, 11:53 PM, Blogger Nilcha said...

love da pizza bread , it looks crispy. i dont like thick pizza bread. :P

and Hawaii... certainly a must see place. lucky u...

At 10/13/10, 6:09 PM, Blogger Lannae said...

Indeed, Hawaii is just wonderfully beautiful!

At 10/15/10, 2:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is right up my alley. As a self admitted pizza snob, I want to go to Hawaii to try this out!

Best, Vivek
Vivek's Epicurean Adventures

At 10/15/10, 3:14 AM, Anonymous Victorian inn bed and breakfast said...

I love to eat. I had a pizza at this place. It is the best one in the town. And you should also try it.

At 11/10/10, 10:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We LOVED this place...started out in the New England area and apparently is growing since the last time I checked it out. Would love to have one here in Nashville!!!


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