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September 14, 2010

Restaurant Week Nashville

Restaurant Week in Nashville put on by the Nashville Originals is in full swing now. We went to the Sunset Grill and got one of everything on the Restaurant Week menu, and each meal was only $20.10 this week, and valued at $40+. This is such a super deal! The caprese salad was fresh and delicious. The oysters were lightly coated in corn meal and then deep fried to just done, and the oysters were piled high and served with cute home made crackers and wonderful home made cocktail sauce. I think I might have squealed with joy when the oysters were placed in front of me! Oh, they were just perfect, and the oysters alone are worth $20.10. The lamb bolonese with fresh made pasta was out of this world. The umami irresistible flavor was unbelievable. And the salmon topped with pesto over smashed potatoes and a side of roasted beets was also good. The salmon was just cook enough to be cooked, but it almost melted in my mouth because it was not over cooked. Of course, I love Sunset's mashed potatoes, and I could eat them everyday. We finished with dessert, a whole dessert each. We got the mango sorbet and the chocolate pot de creme. I really like the pot de creme.

I really think that the Sunset Grill is really offering a great value and good quality food at a rock bottom price. Sunset Grill is one of only restaurants to honor the original tradition of a 3 course full meal for only $20.10 (for the year 2010). I so respect the Sunset Grill and Randy Rayburn for offering such wonder options for Restaurant Week. Thank you!

Lastly, if at all possible, put the lamb bolonese on the entree menu, and put the fried oysters on the app menu. I would get them every time I am at the Sunset Grill. yum!!


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