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August 31, 2010

Heini's Bermuda Onion Cheddar

Front stoop

It has been a long time since I have been to Nolensville. There is no easy way of getting there from here, except for driving down Nolensville Rd. It can be a slow road for sure. The last time I went down Nolensville Rd south of Burkett Rd, there were lots of open land, farm land, and an old gas station, a couple antique shops, and a couple kitchy shops like the Nolensville Feed Mill. The Nolensville Feed Mill used to be a kitchy Amish and antique shop, but has recently put in a sandwich counter and Pied Piper ice cream counter. There are a lot of other Amish goodies, candy, butter, snacks, popcorn kernels, summer sausage, cheeses, breads, baked good, and other nice things you might want to have with your next meal. They also have Hatcher Dairy milk and chocolate milk, which is a local milk favorite of mine. Oh, and the sodas they carry Sprecher sodas, which are from a small WI soda maker, and these sodas are just delicious. I would have to say, they still need work out the kinks with the sandwich counter, as it seems to be a little confused back behind the counter. They may need to take a few lessons from the sandwich masters like Katz's Deli or Mort's Deli to understand the through put, and even Martin's down the street, who sells a lot of pulled pork and brisket sandwiches. I hope that when they have a few more weeks or months of sandwich counter under their belt, they will streamline some of the operations and get more organized.

But, the sandwiches are not what I am talking about today. Today, I am talking about Heini's cheese. I love Heini's Bermuda Onion cheddar cheese. I discovered Heini's cheese when I was in Central Ohio over the past year. For about the past year and 1/2 we had to go back and forth to Central Ohio many times to help very sick family. To get there, we drove to Columbus, OH, and then took a right and drove for another hour. Once we were in the middle of no-where, we drove for another 1/2 hour and Ta Da, we were at our destination. There is not much out there. These family live just south of Holmes Co, OH, the home of the OH Amish. These family have barely any cell phone service, and have Amish neighbors just north of them. It makes sense now why there isn't cell phone service because why would phone companies bother with cell towers when there are not people to use the the service. Amish still use the one landline community phone. The one thing I did notice about the area north of these family is that there are cinder roads, and no utility poles. The landscape of farms are uninterrupted by above ground utility lines. The roads are not paved, so horses can use the cinder roads.

As with the time I spent in east-central Ohio, I still have strove to find locally grown and made food. I found a little farmer's market, and we took a few short drives into Holmes Co. That is when we discovered Heini's Cheese and tasting room. The place were we went had all of the Heini cheese in cold cases and every single cheese had a tasting plate waiting for customers to taste. This was different from other cheese shops we went to because there was no tasting at the other places. We tasted a bunch of Heini's cheese, and found out that the Bermuda Onion Cheddar was one of our favorites. We did not buy much, only 1/2 lb, and enjoyed it while we were local to Holmes Co, but did not bring any back with us to Nashville.

Because the sick family crisis has subsided for now, we are not spending every free moment in Ohio, I had given up the idea of ever eating Heini's cheese again. So, when I was in the Nolensville Feed Mill shop, I saw Heini's brand cheese, I was thrilled! I asked about the Bermuda Onion cheese, and they special ordered a box of it just for me! They just came in, and I bought 4 bricks of cheese, and there are 8 left. It is so dang good! I cut a nice 3/4 inch thick slice of this cheese last night, and nibbled on it for a snack. This cheese is worth the nearly 2 hour round trip down the trafficky Nolensville Rd to go to the Nolensville Feed Mill. Yum. Go get yourself some of these cheese at the Nolensville Feed Mill!

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At 9/7/10, 1:23 PM, Blogger Hettar7 said...

I love cheese and i'm planning a trip here now thanks to you. Thanks for the heads up about the place.

At 9/7/10, 7:36 PM, Blogger Lannae said...

Hey H, it is a really cute store. It is worth the trip for look at the Amish stuff they have. Bread, butter, baked goods, cheese, popcorn, etc. It is a fun Store.


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