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November 6, 2010

Same in Saimen

McD's saimen noodles

So, I got Saimen (about $4) from the Maui McD's menu when we stopped to get something to drink and a mid-afternoon snack. I saw saimen, and had no idea what it was, and it was the most expensive thing on the menu. Well, it is a large paper cup of ramen noodles, dehydrated eggs and dehydrated tofu rounds. The McD's staff puts hot water in the large cup, just like those styrofoam cup of noodle soups. The only difference is that this cup of noodles at McD's Maui costs about $4, where the styrofoam cup of noodles cost about $0.59. Yeah, live and learn. I should have stuck to the program and got a value menu drink $1, and a value menu French fry $1. I suppose McD's had this saimen dish for the Asian tourists who might be jones-ing for some noodles. I mean McD's saimen is probably the worst noodle soup I have ever had, and I love those $0.12 square packages of dried ramen noodles (and those are really bad). Yeah, save your money and don't order the saimen at McD's, order the regular stuff if you must. I mean, a big mac and small fry combined cost less than this cup of noodles, and it would have been more satisfying to eat a big mac and small fry. Oh well, so much for different menu offerings on the McD's menu.



At 11/10/10, 2:38 AM, Blogger Nilcha said...

lol...its a shocking thing that Mc.D has this kind of menu. its soo not Mc.D.
thanks to you we will never order any menu that is not typical Mc.D anymore, cos it might be taste like the saimen.


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