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December 15, 2010

Tacos Part 3

Get on the tweet to find out what the menu is for the day, and if the RV is going out on the road.

breakfast taco with eggs and chorizo

Early on, I was one of the early adopters of the Mas Tacos tweet. Mas Tacos early on would find places for lunch or dinner in East Nashville to sell tacos and agua fresca. It took a little for Nashvillian hipsters to catch onto the Mas Taco tweets, but when they did, the lines around the Mas Taco RV were around the block. Mas Taco was the 1st truly Nashville mobile taco truck since I have lived in Nashville. The story I heard about the Mas Taco RV truck was that this old circa 1970s avocado green RV was that an old relative and original owner of the RV left this gem of a vehicle to the Taco Lady. The Taco Lady tried to figure out what to do with the RV, and came up with idea of being the 1st truly mobile taco truck. Some of the early tacos I remember were chicken, fried avocado, and quinoa. The early days of the RV was to have one meat taco, one veggie taco, and some agua fresca. Then, after the truck got really popular, it was SRO, you had to get there early, or they would sell out.

pozole - pork and hominy soup or stew

That was then, this is now. Mas Taco still goes on in the RV on occasion, but now the Taco Lady makes tacos, soups, and agua fresca out of a building in East Nashville. The space is basically not improved on the outside. The Mas Taco 1/2 of the building I think still says "Deli" on the outside from when it was a little convenience store selling beer, gum, chips, etc. The other 1/2 I think it is a hair salon, but it hasn't been open anytime I have been by it. Mas Tacos side has about a 1/2 dozen tables of 2 -4 people, and it is still a good place for takeout. The menu has expanded from the RV days menus. The last time we were at Mas Tacos on Saturday there were breakfast tacos with eggs; there were lunch tacos with pork, fried avocado, butternut squash or quinoa; and there were soups including pazole.

I liked the pazole quite a bit. The only thing, it is just personal preference, is that I don't like most pork, and I don't generally eat pork, except for bacon. So, the pazole is a pork and hominy soup, and I love hominy. I ate around the pork in the soup. I wonder if the next time I am at Mas Taco and they have pazole, that I can ask them to ladle out the broth and hominy, and no pork. The broth was really a nice spicy broth.

what it looks like from my table

People dining seemed to like the fried avocado tacos. It is universally liked by meat eaters and veggie eaters alike. Everyone I have talked to about Mas Tacos likes the fried avocado. I have not tried the avocado tacos, but every time I have been to the Mas Taco RV or store, I plan on getting the fried avocado, but never quite got there. At the RV, the fried avocado was usually sold out by the time I got to the door. At the store, there are so many other interesting options that I try the other options, and put the fried avocado off until the next time. One day I will try the fried avocado taco.

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At 12/15/10, 11:45 AM, Blogger Erin said...

Fried avocado?! Makes me wish I could go back to Nashville just for that!

I did love their quinoa taco, though.

At 12/15/10, 5:47 PM, Blogger Lannae said...

Erin, that is it. You must return to Nashville for some of the scrumptious fried avocado tacos!

At 12/19/10, 1:13 PM, Anonymous Alicia said...

I have heard of fried avocados but have never tried them. I think this is something we need to check out and what a blessing that we live in the Nashville area!


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