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March 30, 2014

The Starfish Throwers

As some of you know, I am interested in many food related things, including great recipes, great restaurants, great food fundraising events, films about food, independent films about food, hunger issues, and basic human rights when it comes to food.  There is a this really nice documentary, The Starfish Throwers, coming the Nashville Film Festival which showcases three global leaders doing great things to help end hunger/starvation one person at a time... and then it has grown to whole communities.  There is a retired teacher in MN who has been serving his neighborhood  for decades - 365 days per year.  There is a top chef in India who dedicates his culinary skills to feed the "untouchables" breakfast, lunch and dinner every single day.  There was is a young girl at the age of 9 who feed 275 people from her garden, and then she has grown more and more gardens feeding more and more people.  When you watch this movie, you will love the three global leaders, and you will see the face of hunger/starvation with renewed compassion.  I promise you, you will feel really good seeing these 3 hero's stories, and you will want to root for them.

THE STARFISH THROWERS // Project Teaser #1 from Jesse Roesler on Vimeo.

For Nashville, here are the details for viewing this heartwarming and hopeful film, you can see it right here at the Nashville Film Festival:

I am planning on going to the April 19th viewing.  Come join me and get that warm, feel-good feeling like I will have while watching this film.

For folks living elsewhere, check out The Starfish Thrower's website for upcoming screening dates.


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