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January 5, 2008

The Key to Seeing

Honestly, when we finally got off the boat in Key West, my first trip to Key West, I was excited to see what all the hype was about this special southern-most land of the lower 48. As I have learned with any port, there is going to be blocks and blocks of tourist traps, junk shops with goods made in China and chain restaurants. None of these things give the feel and vibe of who really lives there, and what life is like there. So, we ended up walking as fast as we could for 2 hours away from the tourist traps, and trying to make the best of seeing some parts of the Key that wasn't completely manufactured and pre-digested for the cruise ship tourist. We only had a max of 4 hours on land, so we were limited in time. Had we really had a whole day, I would have hooked up with WineDeb, and seen what it is to be a resident of the island. Looking back at some of my photos, we did manage to get off the touristy path, and see a couple things that are Key worthy.

Santa Key West style!

One of the cats living on the Key.

Chickens and sea birds living on the Key. Do you think the cats once chased the chickens?

A gull for each pole.

This is touristy, but we had to go be at the southern most point of the lower 48. It was like going to 4 corners, seeing a to scale replica of the Parthenon, seeing where Ben Franklin lived, or seeing the biggest ball of string. I was compelled to get a photo of this.

The true southernmost point of the lower 48.


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