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January 23, 2010

What is on your iPod?

There are a many food writers I like to read, but there a few food writers who are on the top of my list, and I seem to want to hang on their every word. Right now, the top of the list for me would be Ruhlman, Bittman and Pollan. I maybe be on their tweet, FB, blog, newpaper column, as well as videos and film. But, I have never had the opportunity to attend a lecture or seminar by any of them until now. I just discovered iTunesU, and quickly stumbled upon Pollan's kick-off lecture of his book tour, In Defense of Food, on iTunesU. It is free to download, and free to listen to. I am thrilled, I can now jog with his lecture in my ears! I love my iPod, I love to jog, and I love Pollan's food writing. Now, it is finally all coming together! What a great day for jog and a little Pollan!


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