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November 16, 2010

Leipers Fork Chili

The Leipers Fork Chili Cook Off was on Oct 18, 2010, a beautiful fall day. If you missed it this year, be ready for 2011 on the 3rd weekend in October for the 10th Annual Leipers Fork Chili Cook Off. Here are some highlights of this years Chili Cook Off.

Chili #18 has smoked home grown peppers and chilis in their chili.
This one was my favorite because of the wonderful smoky flavor.

Pocho's was the judges #1 favorite. He used grass fed beef and home grown veggies.
Pocho's makes his own hot sauce too, and has a special event catering biz.

These devil darlings served up Cincinnati style chili. Mmm Good!

The Boar's Nest, you know what theme they were dishing up.

After all 18 chilis, some needed to see this guy.

After smoke smoking hot chilis, some needed to see this!


At 11/18/10, 1:19 AM, Blogger Nilcha said...

ahahahhaha they even got the doctor on location...


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