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November 23, 2010

Not About Food - Women's Levi's Suck

UPDATE: I called Levi's customer service over my lunch break. The lovely young phone clerk confirmed that there are no longer any women's Levi's made from 100% cotton. All of them have Spandex Lycra in them, they are stretch pants that will fall down when putting an amount of tools or weight in the pockets. Then the clerk continued to say that many women have called with the same complaint. Levi's orginally made the change to have an "appeal" to women and have more women buy their jeans, but what this did was drive away customers. Now, if it isn't just me complaining about these HORRIBLE Spandex Levi's for women, then why won't Levi's make at least 1 style, the original 505s in regular 100% cotton. Levi's you lost a whole household of customers. Levi's suck. I am boycotting until Levi's makes real 100% cotton jeans for women again. Join me in the boycott. I hate the Spandex Levi's.

Also, the clerk confirmed that there a a couple men's Lev's 505s and 550s that are made with 100% cotton. But, I said, that I tried on those already, and they have extra room "down there" so it makes me look like I am packing a sock. NOTE, this is a BAD look for women! The clerk said that the men's Levi's are cut differently than women's Levi's, and that I should basically look like I am packing sock - i.e. an idiot, if I want to wear 100% cotton Levi's. I am boycotting Levi's until they stat making 100% cotton jeans for women again. Join me. I hate Spandex Levi's.

Now back to the Original Blog Post:
What happened to Levi's women's jeans?
OK, 505s and 550s are standard Levi's.
My old jeans, 505s and 550s are made of 100% cotton.
I wanted to replace my old aging jeans.
I went to the store to buy a pair of good ol' Levi's.
What did I find?! ALL of the FREAKING women's Levi's 550s are made with SPANDEX! NOT GOOD LEVI'S! I am sick. I hate the spandex. I did a little investigation, and there is not one pair of women's Levi's made with just 100% cotton. All that I looked at have spandex.

So, there are a couple men's Levi's that are still made with 100% cotton. The problem is, men's Levi's are cut with extra room in an area where I don't need extra room. Yes, that is correct, men's Levi's are cut differently down there from women's pants. I bought the damn pair of real cotton pants anyway. ARGH!

Levi's can you please make at least one type of 505 and/or 550s women's jeans in just plain old cotton! Please!?!


At 11/24/10, 1:04 PM, Blogger Brigitte said...

I bought 505 at Salt lake city this September 100% cotton, I should buy more ??

At 11/25/10, 6:54 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Brigitte, lucky you. Levi's has not made a 100% cottom women's jeans for 3 years, or 2007. It is likely you bought a pair of pants made in 2007 or earlier, or your pants has spandex lycra in them. You should buy more 100% cotton because Levi's does not make 100% cotton anymore.

At 2/28/11, 11:01 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

I agree that the over-all quality of Levi's Jeans for women has degraded over the years. I don't like the new logo or patch at the back. It doesn't look like the original Levi's.

At 9/27/13, 10:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, Im Tara & Oh my god!!! Yes, thank you. finally someone agrees with me...
Im from new england and have been looking for levis original jeans for years. I have purchased other levis but they don't compare and my husband doesn't like the way they look either. they're just not the same...
come on Levi really...


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