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March 29, 2011

State Capitals

My new addition to Cool Links Alli's Adventure, she loves to visit state capitals and capitols. I thought that was just a nifty idea. I was wondering how many state capitals (I have stay in at least over night) and capitols I have seen and remember the city. I am not counting Santa Fe because I don't really remember much as I was so young. How about you, if you live in the USA, or have visited the USA, how many capitals and capitols have you been to? Here is my list alphabetically by state.
1 Montgomery, AL
2 Phoenix, AZ
3 Sacramento, CA
4 Denver, CO (I have a photo of the mile high survey maker)
5 Hartford, CT (Oh the Rt 84/91 traffic)
6 Dover, DE (sobering)
7 Tallahassee, FL (home of the strongest magnet)
8 Atlanta, GA
9 Frankfort, KY
10 Annapolis, MD
11 Boston, MA
12 Jefferson City, MO
13 Trenton, NJ (We Make, The World Takes)
14 Raleigh, NC
15 Columbus, OH
16 Harrisburg, PA
17 Providence, RI
18 Nashville, TN
19 Salt Lake City, UT (right before the winter Olympics, fabulous!)
20 Charleston, WV


At 3/29/11, 7:44 AM, Blogger ceeelcee said...

But have you been to the capital of Massachusetts, Springfield?

I won the geography medal in 7th grade, and that's all I remember.

At 3/30/11, 6:52 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Well, I think the capital of MA is Boston, and IL is Springfield. But, I think Springfield is the county seat, does that count?


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