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April 9, 2011

Bang Bang!

the candy box

I am a sucker for street food. I love food trucks. In many parts of Asia including India, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and other countries, and in some parts of USA cities like Boston, Philadelphia and New York, there are some really awesome food trucks and hand carts. In Singapore, my buddy had a tiny apartment with a small but efficient kitchen. She might have made tea in there, and kept some left overs in the fridge, but there was not one lick of cooking happening in that kitchen. She said that most of her co-workers and herself always got street food on the way home for dinner. When there are excellent home style cooks at their food stalls or carts cooking up food that rivals her mom's, and prices are cheaper than what she could make, why would she and her colleagues go anywhere else?

the candy box view 2

When I worked in downtown Boston, there was no reason to cook. There were great food stalls, windows and carts with delicious food that I could not make at home. When I lived in Phila, again lunch was always at a food stall at Reading Terminal , or out on the street at one of the food carts. They made better food than I could ever, so food carts it was.

Sarah and her Bang Candy Store

So with Nashville's surge in food trucks, I get a little giddy, and the memories of good food times roll back into my mind when I go to a food truck. On this day, I was in my neighborhood and there was this tiny little wood shed with a metal roof siting on a trailer in a parking lot. It is the Bang Candy Company. Sarah, the owner and operator makes artisan marshmallow treats and delicious seltzer drinks. We got the Belgian chocolate covered marshmallow and to wash down the treat, we got the ginger lemon and rosemary seltzer. The Bang Candy Company's mission is to make excellent marshmallows, and that Sarah does. The refreshing drink is just a bonus.

I love the food trucks. I am so glad food trucks are here to stay. Food trucks of Nashville, you can get a pretty good draw at lunch out front of the Cummin's Station on 10th Ave South. My office window over looks the street, so just let me know when you are there and I can get a food truck treat.


At 4/13/11, 9:15 PM, Anonymous Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Oh that looks like a great truc! I learned how to make marshmallows this past year. They are fun to make and taste oh so good!

At 4/13/11, 10:25 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

I love this "truck" too. It can go anywhere as long as there is a truck, mule, trailer hitch, etc to pull it. es, home made marshmallows have to be the best!

At 4/21/11, 12:20 AM, Anonymous Kathleen said...

Wow I haven't seen/heard about this truck yet!
I've heard rumors about a milkshake truck beginning to travel around Nashville this summer so be on the lookout :)


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